That reshuffle in full so far

DON’T worry, you haven’t missed anything. But when journalists decide there’s a reshuffle on, even the fact that it’s not won’t dissuade them from reporting it anyway.

This made me raise an eyebrow. “Latest: Brown’s cabinet reshuffle”. An odd heading considering there isn’t one, at least not yet. The story features all the latest gossip, masquerading as news. And it reveals exclusively that Ruth Kelly and Digby Jones are leaving the government. Twenty-four news, eh? You gotta love it.



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6 responses to “That reshuffle in full so far

  1. richard

    So, I take you’ve not found out your fate yet? The glory of a minor promotion, the slight of a sidestep, the shock of a move to another department, the ignoble despair of a demotion or (speak with hushed tones) a return to the back benches to fester as lobby fodder…

  2. Martin Cullip

    Brown should create a new role in charge of The ‘Department for Fun and Enjoyment’. Lord we miss it & you would be a prime candidate for Office after your ‘why the long face’ stuff before.

    First duty, organising ‘Labour’s Party in the Park’, loads of great wine, strawberries, fine cigars, pasty vans, cream cake sellers and not a Dawn Prim & Proper in sight to tell you to stop being so happy. 🙂

    It’s not so daft, we’ve had a Minister for Snow in the past IIRC.

  3. Extremely happy to see the back of Digby.

  4. John

    As I see it:
    If you are promoted – you will be invited to No. 10 (and subsequently have no time to blog)

    If you remain in your present post – you will get a phone call from No. 10 ( and continue blog)

    If you’re sacked – you will receive a recorded message from No.10 (and then decide not to blog out of dissappointment)

    I hope you do get promoted, but will obviously miss your blogging

  5. Johnny Norfolk

    Its interesting. Do you think the Home Secretary is safe ?. After Boris Johnson has done her job for her. Blair should have gone months ago, yet it has taken Boris to do what needed doing. Its called action.
    Ah yes but Brown does not like action so will keep her as just another puppet.

  6. richard

    Mandelson? Is Brown truly daft?

    The guy’s resigned in disgrace twice and is the very textbook definition of “damaged goods”.

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