Guacamole-gate: Mandelson cleared

ADAM Boulton has just lifted the lid on the reality behind the urban myth that Peter Mandelson once mistook mushy peas for guacamole in a chip shop.

The incident occurred, said Adam on Sky News, but it was an unnamed American researcher who made the mistake, not Mandelson. The story grew legs, apparently, because Peter’s good friend Neil Kinnock spread it round (the rumour, not the guacamole…).



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14 responses to “Guacamole-gate: Mandelson cleared

  1. TC

    We prefer the Kinnock version.

  2. richard

    Has he also been cleared over lying to parliament (and his mortgage company) about the loan he got from Geoffrey Robinson?

  3. Even if it’s not true (truth; what is truth?) it’s still a good tale which cheers me up every time I go to the chip shop.

    Terrific news about Mr M’s return, I haven’t felt so chirpy or confident of the fourth term as I am now since June 2007. No wonder the Tory blogsphere (if that be the correct term for it) is erupting in fury. Put the heart-doctors on danger money – they’ll be many blood pressure related incidents today…

  4. Chris' Wills

    Mandy wasn’t cleared he has served his sentence in the open prison known as the EU commission having to subsist on what meagre pittance commissioners get paid (plus what they aquire through totally honest and justified expenses) and was forced to take trips all over the world to gain life experience to allow him to fit into civilised society.

    It does seem odd that he should be re-admitted to goverment via the Lords, none of this boring having to be elected required to govern the UK under Broon it appears.

    Oh yes, that naughty Baroness has been sent to replace Mandy, excellent democratic credentials being shown to our EU partners.

  5. Rapunzel

    A breathtakingly brilliant decision. Maybe, at last, Labour see that fighting the Tories on all of their ludicrous ideas, that somehow seem to be convincing people that they have really, really changed, is far more vital than fighting each other. After all the roller-coaster moments of the last few weeks, this looks to be the big one. Be very scared Dave.

  6. richard

    I’m disappointed that I can’t find odds better than 3/1 that Mandy will actually manage to remain in a cabinet role until the election.

    I’ve no love for Gordon but this strikes me as pure lunacy. The man is simply a liability and the bookies know it.

  7. Martin Cullip

    Brian Hughes: Are you being serious or sarcastic? Serious question as everyone I have spoken today is laughing the the return of Mandelson and commenting that GB must be desperate.

    Also, “I haven’t felt so chirpy or confident of the fourth term as I am now since June 2007” … regular Tom readers will know why I am sniggering at that in particular. 😉

  8. Bedd Gelert

    Hmm.. The ‘truth’ is a pretty elastic, not to say ‘virtual’, concept where Mandy is concerned..

    It is like the old joke..
    ‘How many management accountants does it take to change a light bulb ? ‘

    ‘What would you like the answer to be ?’

  9. Wes Mantooth

    So when ennobled will he adopt the title The Lord Fabulosa of Fabrizio?

    Did he ever get the £80k Maserati as his official EU car?

  10. He is a perfect appointment, if he can’t tell the difference between mushy pees and guacomole, he will not be able to tell the difference between a party that is electable and one that is not. A masterstroke by Gordon Brown, even if he hasn’t worked out why…yet!

  11. Er… you did read the post, didn’t you…?

  12. It will all end in tears! For a full account of Mandelson and the mushy peas / avocado dip urban myth in all its glory read my new book MARS BAR & MUSHY PEAS (Herat of Albion Press). I follow in detail the spoor of this contemporary legend, including dealing personally with the great man. Incidentally I live in Seaton Carew, where the alleged incident may have happened. — Paul Screeton

  13. The story grew legs, apparently, because Peter’s good friend Neil Kinnock spread it round (the rumour, not the guacamole…).
    Surely it was the mushy peas that Neil Kinnock didn’t spread around, not the guacamole – or can’t he tell the difference either

  14. Actually, like everything he did, Kinnock got it wrong. It had earlier antecedents in the Knowsley North by-election. Details in my book. Believe me, Brown will regret this.

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