So far, so good

I’M SAD to see Des Browne leaving the government – he’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in politics. I first met him during the 1992 general election when he was our candidate in the safe Liberal seat of Argyll and Bute. I remember thinking it was a pity he wasn’t going to be an MP after that election, but was delighted when he was adopted at the last minute in Kilmarnock five years later.

I’m also glad about Geoff’s move to transport; he was a good chief whip but I imagine he’ll be glad to get back into a department.

As for the biggest news so far: Mandelson. Brilliant move!

UPDATE at 1.40 pm: For the absence of doubt, that last paragraph was not intended as sarcasm; Peter is an outstanding political talent. I was sad to see him leave last time and I’m delighted he’s back round the cabinet table where he belongs. So there.



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9 responses to “So far, so good

  1. John

    Baroness Amos to Brussels?

    You read it here first.


  2. Robert

    Phew return to New labour.

  3. Don’t you just need to leave a comment after hearing the word “Mandelson” again?

    I see the BBC has called him a “mercurial figure”. What? He is small, overheats and shows no sign of intelligent life?

  4. Johnny Norfolk

    I think we are in shock about Mandleson. What a mistake.

  5. scotto voce

    ….and Jim Murphy as Sec of State for Scotland, but not a newly expanded Minister for nations and regions; that would be too risky ahead of Glenrothes.

    Are you hoping for a change, Tom?

  6. Madasafish

    Mandelson is an inspired choice.

  7. lloyd

    Christmas has come early for the Tories.
    Now we can get out all those old jokes about Mandy and dust them off.
    Just the ‘experience’ targets we like.

  8. Jane

    I am delighted that Peter Mandelson has returned. He was an outstanding EU Commissioner and excelled in both previous ministerial posts. At long last – a heavy weight – we need him.

  9. Mark

    God help us, the quasi Tory is back, will be inviting his Royal pals like Camilla round?

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