In support of Obama

THOSE of you who were paying attention might remember me saying that, as a government minister, I couldn’t publicly express support for any candidate in the US election.

Well, sod that now: Come on Obama, you can do it!

For a long time I’ve been pessimistic about the Democrats’ chances. I wanted Obama to beat Hillary in the primaries because I believed that Obama would get beaten by the Republicans by a smaller margin than she would. Now it looks like the Illinois senator might be in with a better chance than I thought, thanks, in part, to McCain’s lamentable and irresponsible decision to appoint Sarah Palin as his running mate.

But I refuse to get my hopes up. Four years ago I dared to hope, at the very last minute, that John Kerry could have beaten Bush. So I’ve stopped trying to predict the outcome of American elections; I have been wrong on every occasion, except in 2000, when I correctly predicted that Gore would win.



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6 responses to “In support of Obama

  1. James

    Very sorry to hear your news Tom, you’re a very decent chappie.
    Does this mean that you will be going to Aldi instead of Tesco?

  2. Chris' Wills

    Well, unless something very strange happens Mr Obama will soon be President Obama, good luck to him with that.

    He just has to get his voters to the polling booths.

    ?I guess that the Gore in 2000 comment was a slip of the mind? :o)

  3. Andrew F

    It’s his to mess up now. McCain is all over the place – just pulled out of Michigan.

    It’s interesting that you say that about your support in the primaries, though: because all the polls in those months suggested that Clinton was more likely to win in the national than Obama. White working-class voters are hesitant to turn out for a black man, and centrist women had a reason to vote Hilary. (Not to mention the lunatic “feminist progressives”, who campaigned madly for Clinton, and have been kicking up a fuss ever since.) That said, Obama will turn out more African Americans.

    I wanted Obama to take the nomination for a few reasons (well, actually I wanted Kucinich, but nevermind):

    1. Clinton’s shrill and fake;

    2. Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton would have been an incredible indicement of the world’s last great democracy;

    3. Obama may not be a world-changer, but his capacity to inspire means he could be. Clinton couldn’t, realistically.

  4. James

    I see Iain Dale has wrote a piece about you today.

  5. This made me laugh. Plaudits.

  6. M

    Well done, Tom, and chin up, there is always a silver lining to every cloud.

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