An ex-fan

CRISIS in the Harris household. Carolyn’s threatening to boycott The X-Factor live finals because her favourite in the “girls” category, Amy, didn’t get through.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I liked her too, but her voice just wasn’t strong enough. And overall, I think this year’s finalists are extremely strong. Pretty happy with most of the judges’ decisions so far.

And now I’m ready to predict that the winner of the 2008 X-Factor will be… Austin.



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5 responses to “An ex-fan

  1. Is it nearly done already? I thought it went on until Christmas-timeish? Well, thank god for that…

  2. So we could have Austins winning the X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing?

    The X Factor is full of travesties of justice – the Judges have made some very peculiar choices on the live shows – remember Brenda and the Conway Sisters? Two examples of judges being extremely unfair.

  3. Johnny Norfolk

    I did not think you would be a Strictly Come Dancing Man, but X Factor ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  4. Paul

    Stick £10 on Eoghan! He;s the only one who doesn’t burst into tears!

  5. That young woman … is it Alex … she’s the one. I see the one who blogged the finalists seems to be surviving the fury of ITV. That Gordon Brown could learn a thing or two …

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