How desperate are the Republicans?

SARAH Palin is now accusing Obama of associating with terrorists. Would she have been ordered to do this if McCain’s campaign were confident of victory? And will the American people actually fall for it? 

I was about to ask if even she believed it, but then anyone who believes the earth is 6000 years old will believe anything.

The only plus-side to a McCain presidency is that America would have a VP who was just as entertaining as Dan (Just Say Noe) Quayle, though, admittedly, more dangerous.



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20 responses to “How desperate are the Republicans?

  1. John

    I can tell……you’re starting to warm towards her….

  2. Is it not a fact that Barack Obama “assoaciates” with Bill Ayers, a terrorist?

  3. Bedd Gelert

    Hmm.. Maybe if you had done some spoof YouTube videos, and asked Carolyn to take some pictures of you in your trolleys, you might still be in the cabinet – these are clearly the ‘key competencies’ for New Labour politicians these days…

  4. Since no-one believes Obama is anything other than patriotic, the only purpose behind even raising this as an issue is to sow doubts about his trustworthiness. Typical Rove tactics, and you can see why so many British Tories support the Republicans.

  5. But again, you’ve not answered the question. Barack Obama’s political career was launched in a 1995 meeting at Ayers’s home. Obama’s own campaign says that they maintain “friendly” relations.

    Furthermore, Sarah Palin wasn’t “accusing” Obama of having links with terrorists, she was actually quoting a New York Times article.

  6. Adrian

    John McCain associates with people who supply arms to the Iranians, guns to terrorists and drugs to anyone who’d pay.

    He even voted for someone behind all that to be President of the United States.

  7. Doug

    But has Obama been blessed by a witch doctor? Or tried to ban books about homosexuality and abortion?

    Or told blatant lies about a bridge to nowhere?

    The really sad thing about this campaign is that it appears that McCain has gone much further than Arnold Vinnick and sold his very soul. All the things that used to be true about Chip and what made non-GOP voters warm to him, have now gone.

    The old McCain was a likeable and contrary character who swung left and right depending on what was the right thing to do. Pity that he is not the Republican candidate.

    Anyway, let’s hope that Santos, sorry Obama, wins and wins well, with a congressional majority.

  8. So, is the McCain campaign insinuating that the Woods Fund of Chicago is actually an underground terrorist organisation? Ayers is now a Distinguished Professor, and what is it supposed to suggest about Obama that he associated with him?

    In any case, Sarah Palin has been proud to meet the unrepentant mass murderer Henry Kissinger. He has a “passion for diplomacy”, apparently.

  9. Doug

    Thought you would like this mister. Very good. The legend that is Tina Fey.

  10. joe bonanno

    I notice Justin Webb of the BBC in particular and the BBC in general fall over themselves to mock Sarah Palin’s beliefs. Now you’re doing it.

    America’s Christian Right are fair game of course.

    Can anyone think of another religion with similar ‘unscientific’ beliefs that the liberati absolutely fall over eachother in their rush to admire rather than mock?

    I can.

  11. Not true, Joe. Neither the BBC nor I are mocking Christian beliefs. Most Christians are not creationists. And if someone of any religion stood for high office holding ridiculous beliefs like Palin’s, I can assure you they would be mocked on this site.

  12. Ewan Watt’s understanding of the English language is poor. To suggest that because Obama knows someone who was once a terrorist, is not the same as ‘associating with terrorists’. What possible relevance does such an allegation have to the man’s fitness or otherwise to be president? As Tom says, it suggests total desperation on the part of the Republicans’ campaign team. Political candidates meet and know thousands of people. I am sure McCain has ‘associated’ with some pretty nasty people in his time.

  13. joe bonanno

    Not true, Joe. Neither the BBC nor I are mocking Christian beliefs. Most Christians are not creationists. And if someone of any religion stood for high office holding ridiculous beliefs like Palin’s, I can assure you they would be mocked on this site.

    Aw come on!

    Please don’t tell me creationism is an iota more ‘unscientific’ than Christianity or that other one.

    If you have any evidence of the proof of a god do lay it out for your readers.

  14. Michael St George

    So when, Tom, have you mocked Ruth Kelly, who presumably believes passionately that the wafer and the wine are literally transformed into the body and blood of Christ?

    As regards your inital question – “How desperate are the Republicans?” – the obvious answer is – a little less desperate than a sub-Prime Minister who has to bring the chief rat back on to his sinking ship in order to discourage all the other rats from gnawing away at it.

  15. EMA

    a link to my thoughts on what is happening with this years EMA what are your thoughts Mr Harris ?

  16. Dirty Euro

    Why should you be able to hide your opinion behind religion. I could found a religion that thinks tories should be executed would that make it OK.
    I agree we should tolerate religion, but it is not carte blanche to have stupid views.

  17. Ted Harvey

    I’m disappointed if Ewan Watt is employing classic McCarthy/Nixon tactics here (disappointed because he usually has much more intelligent and decent ploys to play). These are the nasty tactics of constructing any-something accusations, preferably in ambiguous but loaded terms like ‘associate with’, and then getting your opponents to deny the accusations…. only as the accused you have given the accusation further currency and you are made to look like someone who ‘has to’ deny heinous things (mud sticks, no smoke without fire etc). Meantime, of course we have lost what the original puffery and accusation was all about.

  18. Andrew F

    Uh, you said:

    Most Christians are not creationists. And if someone of any religion stood for high office holding ridiculous beliefs like Palin’s, I can assure you they would be mocked on this site.

    Ahem. That’s simply not true – at least not in the U.S. In the UK, most Christians aren’t creationists. In the U.S., 47% of the population believe that the universe was created in the last 10,000 years. (40% believe in theistic evolution, and 9% believe in proper evolution.)

    Here’s a source – there are many others.

    Everyone’s in denial about the state of Christian fanaticism over there. It’s not as if there’s a couple of thousand people wanting creationism taught in public schools; it’s half the bloody population!

  19. Johnny Norfolk

    I think it is very sad the way beliefs are mocked. I beleive in the Tory party and I am mocked all the time, and its just not fair. I would never mock the Labour party even though they could not run a welk stall let alone a country.

  20. Suggesting this guy is either a close associate with Obama or a present-tense Terrorist is ridiculous. The guy is a professor and at least 30 years on from his weathermen days. Like calling someone for saying hello to Nelson Mandela once in a lift.

    And Johnny Norfolk, I would never mock the Tories even though they cannot SPELL a whelk stall never mind run one.

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