The ‘dinosaur’ question

I’VE ALWAYS liked Matt Damon…



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12 responses to “The ‘dinosaur’ question

  1. Matt

    I struggle to picture Matt Damon in any other guise than his…err…”simple” personification in Team America, but he went up in my estimations when I saw that video a week or so ago.

    I wonder who wrote the script…

  2. Please don’t let on to the good ol’ boys that we don’t much care for her kinda thinkin’ over here in smart ass Europe, it’ll only strength their resolve to back the lady….

  3. I hate when famous people meddle in politics, except when I agree with them.

    Matt Damon is spot on with this. I too would love to know her answer to the dinosaur question.

  4. joe bonanno

    Then of course there is the hugely experienced Obamessiah who has been a senator for *wow* nearly four whole years now. Still that doesn’t matter because his speeches are soooo inspiring, in just the same way that Tony Blair’s speeches were soooo inspiring.

    Oh yeah, and they both believe in ‘change’.

    I nearly forgot.

  5. When did the dinosaurs live?

    Being conditioned with the millions-of-years theory all our lives naturally leaves most people believing it without question, as I used to.

    Not only believing it without question, but dismissing alternative ideas out of hand, often accompanied by ridicule.

    I don’t have the time now to go into detail about the sequence of events that led to the belief in the current generally accepted timescales, but Mary Schweitzer, a maverick palaeontologist, has found soft tissue and red blood cells in a T-Rex bone.

    Rather than even consider that the conventional dating is wrong, she continues to believe that her T-Rex lived 68 million years ago.

    “Later, Schweitzer recalls, “I looked at this and I looked at this and I thought, this can’t be. Red blood cells don’t preserve.””

    Human and dinosaur footprints have been found side-by-side and all cultures seem to have folklore about dragons – they wouldn’t call them dinosaurs as this is a fairly modern word.

    Please look to the real evidence and don’t automatically assume that what you were taught is the truth.

  6. Stewart – I’m as disappointed as you are that One Million Years BC wasn’t a documentary.

  7. richard

    Stewart, for the avoidance of doubt, perhaps you could enlighten us how old you think the Earth is…

  8. Very funny Tom. Could you explain how soft tissue could survive for millions of years please?

  9. If it’s Raquel Welsh’s “soft tissue”, then you’ve got my interest…

  10. Tom – if you lose your seat in 2010, we could do a summer season together in Blackpool.

    You have proved my point perfectly, though. You, like almost everyone alive, know nothing about this science.

  11. Richard – I detect sarcasm in your question.

    Firstly, you have to ‘enlighten’ yourself by accepting that a theory is not a fact and that science is often very one-sided depending upon current trends and who gets funding.

    There is a whole manmade-global-warming industry based on analysing selective data.

    Likewise, the evidence that evolution scientists have is the same as Creation scientists have, but when secular humanists/atheists have so much influence, they get ‘outraged’ that Creationism is taught in a few dozen schools and proper debate is lacking.

    The whole geological dating system is flawed, but regardless, if a dinosaur is found in such-and-such a stratum, it must be X-millions of years old.

    Real evidence to the contrary is either ignored or explained away some other way, like the dinosaur bone soft tissue or the rapid evolution of these lizards I have mentioned on this blog before.

    And Richard, you never replied to my answers to the questions you posed previously on Creation science.

    Why do you tempt me again? Especially after writing “Any solution that involves shutting the mouths of Christians can’t possibly be a bad thing.”

  12. David

    It’s hard to have any kind of sensible discussion on the scientific evidence wrt evolution, because there is pseudo-religious dogma on both sides. Trying to put that aside, I really liked what Matt Damon said, and I too find Mrs.Palin alarming, particularly given the age of her running-mate. I too shudder at the idea of her folksy charm facing down Putin. However, what has her view on dinosaurs got to do with that, or the nucular (sic) launch codes? Surely our issues with G.W.Bush have more to do with his invasion of Iraq, screwing up of the global economy, and failure to deal with….ad nauseum, rather than his similar views on creation. Are religious views something that disqualifies someone from public office?

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