Did Osborne crash and burn on Newsnight?

I’M TOLD by an informant that ‘Boy’ George Osborne was so inept on tonight’s Newsnight that Kirsty Wark could barely keep a straight face. Haven’t seen it yet but might be worth tracking down the footage in the morning.



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11 responses to “Did Osborne crash and burn on Newsnight?

  1. John

    I wouldn’t be remotely surprised. The guy lacks personality.

    I’m not sure if it’s nerves, but he always seems so unsure of himself, like he is triple checking everything in his mind before he says it, and even then he struggles to be coherent.

    I believe it’s the reason that the Beeb and others have turned to Vince Cable to get an oppositions opinion on the credit crisis rather than George Osbourne. Vince is just far far better in front of the camera than Osbourne.

    Doesn’t bode well considering he’s (barring a miraculous U-Turn in fortune of the Labour Party under the universally detestable Gordon Brown) going to be the next chancellor :/

  2. She was more or less laughing in the boy’s face. Actually she was laughing at him. No less about it.

  3. joe bonanno

    We’re rubbish, but the opposition are worse.

    Great line – keep working it.

    When can we expect to see Captain Snot being interviewed by Paxman say rather than Andrew Marr or Fearne Cotton?

    Eh? When?

  4. joe bonanno

    So Chris, was she laughing at him or not?

    Or didn’t you see it either?


  5. Jeremy Poynton

    Good that Kirsty was showing the well know impartiality of the BBC.

  6. ani

    Jeremy Poynton
    October 10, 2008 at 12:13 pm
    Good that Kirsty was showing the well know impartiality of the BBC.

    Huge sigh. Blimey Jeremy, I bet you’re a regular commenter at Biased BBC, the website set up for paranoia sufferers to vent their foul spleen that their guys don’t get equal coverage, respect, right questions, suitable interviewer, length of time, Humphreys, Paxo, Neil, Marr, radio journalists, blasted patsies all of them……and on and on and on……

    Problem is, that my friends and associates insist – the Beeb is anti Labour!
    And for all the same reasons.
    Yes, amazing isn’t it? But true.

    So I reckon the Beeb must be doing an OK job if everyone’s hacked off.
    And Tories do intend to break up the Beeb if ever they get into power.
    The problem with that is that the public love and trust the Beeb above any political party, as Labour found to their cost.
    Look forward to seeing that plan in your manifesto though.

  7. Sacha

    The video is up on iplayer, he didn’t crash and burn at all. Those who speak about delusion should look at the grinning face of Gordon in recent days, he may have steered the ship into the iceberg but it merely means noone else will challenge for Captain and ultimately the ship is still going down with him at the helm. And judging by today’s comments, he seems to think its down to him that oil prices are falling, how deluded can you get!

    BBC bias is certainly true in parts of the organisation, just look at the running order of the Today Show the day after Gordon and David’s keynote speeches to see the evidence. Kirsty Wark’s narrative was one that not even Gordon Brown bothers to give credence to, that Thatcher was responsible for the credit crunch. Nothing down to the 11 years of debt binge and off-balance-sheet liabilities (unacceptable in the private sector yet seemingly okay on the government’s books) leading us to a situation where there is no leeway in the economy going into a downturn, and leading us into a deeper and more prolonged recession than would otherwise be the case.

  8. David

    Kirsty Wark might as well have been wearing a sign saying I love New Labour when she interviewed Osbourne. I have never seen such a biased interview. She tried to blame the credit crisis on Margaret Thatcher. Labour have been in power for over ten years. Everything Gordon Brown has done in those ten years has been a failure and lead to the current ruined state of our country. For example:

    Independance of The Band Of England: Failed
    Financial Regulation: Failed
    Gold Sale: Failed
    Tax Credits: Failed
    Fiscal Framework: Failed

    The man is a dangerous idiot with no understanding of tax, finance or economics. The sooner he is gone the better. The only thing he is good at is wasting trillions for pounds of other peoples money.

  9. yozza

    “Kirsty Wark might as well have been wearing a sign saying I love New Labour when she interviewed Osbourne”

    Translation: For the first time in several years the BBC are actually giving the Tories to some proper scrutiny and Tory supporters don’t like it at all!

  10. ani

    Yozza – quite right, and about time for some real scrutiny, goodness knows many of us have been hoping for it long enough.
    Cameron’s done very well since he was elected leader, he’s been unchallenged and walked on water, whilst the media has attacked GB and the Labour party relentlessly.

    Sacha, make your mind up, if he doesn’t smile he’s wrong – if he smiles he’s wrong.
    As for TV and radio running orders, I think it’s arrogant to suggest that the opposition should take any preference over the Government of the country, or even be given equal billing as far as I’m concerned. Surely on all matters, (and particularly now) the public need to know what the Govt. is saying and doing.
    The opposition isn’t that influential or important.
    Know your place. ;0)

  11. Jim

    Are you mad, Kirsty made a complete idiot of herself, talking about ancient history and allowing the Tory open goal after open goal ….. she really is hopeless.

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