The return of Glen Michael

I’VE WAXED lyrical before about the genius that is Mark Millar, the Scottish writer who is now the leading comic book author in the world.

I was told by my dealer in strict confidence a few months ago that his latest masterpiece, Kickass, was to be made into a movie, following the success of the movie Wanted, also based on a Millar work.

I only mention this because Carolyn and I had a conversation the other night about the legendary Glen Michael and whether or not he was still alive. He is, and he’s to make a chameo appearance in the movie of Kickass at Mark’s request.

Before you snort and dismiss “superhero” literature for being only for kids, check out Millar’s The Ultimates, Wanted or Superman: Red Son. I’m sure my dealer can secure any of them for you at a good price, and he runs an excellent mail order service.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Mark Millar’s a genius. And he’s Scottish. Huzzah!


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6 responses to “The return of Glen Michael

  1. richard

    Yes, but he’s not even in the same league as Alan Moore.

  2. Keldorne

    Nothing wrong with liking comic books, whatever your age. It’s a medium for telling stories, like any other. Video games used to be seen as something for kids – these days, the average gamer is 28 and the most profitable market to pitch a game at is the 18-35 range. It’s perfectly possible to tell a “grown up” story through comic books.

    That said, I’ve often found US comic books, even those pitched primarily at adults, difficult to get into, despite my best intentions. There’s still a reluctance to move past the old super-hero stereotypes, even if they do put a darker twist on them. Maybe I’m over-generalising, but UK artists (yes, including Mark Millar) tend to have a slightly quirkier take, which appeals to me. Of course, the Japanese are still the masters of the medium, but they’re creating against a social background that’s much more accepting of comics as grown-up entertainment.

  3. Auntie Flo'

    This book is disgusting, you should be ashamed of yourself, Tom.

    Not for the first time:

    Hang down your head, Tom Harris
    Hang down your head and cry
    Hang down your head, Tom Harris
    For recomending this evil, porno scie-fie.

  4. You seem to have no taste, Aunt Flo
    Well, none that does you credit
    Your really shouldn’t write reviews
    Until you’ve gone and read it

  5. Auntie Flo'

    ” “superhero” literature ”

    Super hero: this sicko, violence glorying rubbish?

    Oh, pul……ease.

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