Actually, no, he didn’t

JUST watched Osborne on BBC iPlayer. His interview starts at 20 minutes in. My “informant” must have watched a different interview – GO’s performance was hardly statesmanlike but it certainly wasn’t his worst, and Ms Wark didn’t seem remotely amused.

That’ll teach me to blog about stuff I haven’t seen for myself.



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5 responses to “Actually, no, he didn’t

  1. Jeremy Poynton

    Well doh.

    Tom, any chance you can tell us why Brown is having such a good time whilst the economy collapses. And if you could ask him for my pension back, that would be good. It’s down 33% in a year. Good that yours and his are secure.

    Or are they?

    He hasn’t a clue.

  2. Blog post based on gossip shock. Hold that front page….

    PS I’m glad to see you’re still allowing comments from unreconstructed lefties such as Jeremy Poynton onto your site. He’s clearly one of those dreadful nanny-statists who think that governments should meddle so much into people’s lives as to tell them where to invest their pension funds! (I’m feeling dreadfully smug – I moved most of mine into boring old low growth cash deposits just before the great crash of 2001/2).

  3. yozza

    “It’s down 33% in a year.”

    I’m sure you believe in the free market.You have to take the rough with the smooth.

  4. Doug

    I stand by my comments!!!

  5. Johnny Norfolk

    Zurich is moving its Insurance base fron Britain to Ireland. How many more will go before Labour gets the message.

    Thanks Tom for correcting the info you had been given.

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