Dale speaketh sense unto his party

IAIN Dale has come off the fence by finally backing Obama for president, showing the kind of (admittedly belated) good judgment that many of his party’s MPs would do well to emulate. 

If ‘David’ really has changed his party, why do so many of his members – and the overwhelming majority of cyber-Tories – rabidly support Palin (and McCain also, I suppose)? Why do British Tories naturally align themselves with someone who opposes gay rights, abortion, science and gun control?

Well, gosh darnit! Maybe it’s because they agree with her! Aw shucks (wink, wink…).



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16 responses to “Dale speaketh sense unto his party

  1. Chris' Wills

    Well I oppose abortion on demand and I oppose gun control.

    The first because I find it immoral; especially when the reason used is that the child will be disabled in some way (this is actually stae supported eugenics) or is a girl (ref China and India for girls being aborted because they are girls) which you can’t rationally oppose if you hold that the mother has total rights over the unborn child.

    Gun control because it hasn’t made for a safer society. Safer, perhaps, for goverments which are so odious that they fear an armed uprising.

  2. Jeremy Poynton

    Fiddling whilst the UK burns eh Tom? Markets not too impressed with The Dear Leader’s wholesale larceny and instructions to the rest of the world to do as he does. That way lies bankruptcy.

    Mind you – this is a winner. Great idea. Peace in our times in Afghanistan


    Good day to bury the news about the lost MOD personnel records. That’s thousands of employees who will spend the rest of their lives looking over their shoulders. Oh, well, the greatest freedom is security, isn’t it? (No – it’s freedom itself).

    Started looking for a new job yet?

  3. That just proves my point, then, doesn’t it? Tories all have “very good” reasons for supporting Palin. Frightening.

  4. joe bonanno

    Anti-abortion – oh yes that horrible right-wing stance.

    To reiterate – Ward 1 a young human is delivered at 21 weeks and the full resources of the hospital are dedicated to keeping the mite alive.

    Ward 2 – a young human at 21 weeks is injected in the heart and/or decapitated.

    Fancy nasty horrible right-wingers for at least believing there there might be an inconsistency there.

    Would you like to justify the above to your readers.

    And as for the anti-science jibe; I am looking forward to your Time To Mock I*l*m post.

  5. Tom – I hope you’re patting yourself on the back at the opportunity this blog gives to some rather strange people to vent! You’re saving the NHS a fortune in therapy costs…

  6. Well said Chris’ Wills and joe bonanno.

    The ‘left’ has this sick fascination with the abortion cult. Can anyone tell me why?

    This is the reality of abortion (graphic pictures), and so is a greater risk of physical and mental illness and suicide to the ‘mother’.

    It’s called you reap what you sow.

    Abortion is casting a human being from history without authorisation.

    Why not wait until the child is out of the womb, give him or her a full medical, check the finances of the parents, then decide if he/she gets to live or die?

    What’s the difference, Tom, if life is so cheap to you?

  7. Chris' Wills

    You have made an assumption that those who agree with some of Palin’s positions support her.

    I realise that logic isn’t required, in fact is opposed, within NuLabor but this is just a silly statement on your part.

    Do you think that abortion on demand is valid for all and any reason(s) that the mother may propose?
    Do you believe that eugenics, state controlled/supported by “experts”, is a sensible and rational method to improve the species?

    If yes, please explain your rational.
    Surely sterilisation of the unfit (all those you don’t like) is the next logical step of such a statist utilitarian philosophy.

  8. joe bonanno

    I just had a ten minute phone conversation with a very plummy lawyer about the trademark/Intellectual Property ramifications of using pictures of LEGO or Jelly Babies. Consensus is that LEGO are nasty b*stards and come after you, whereas if you use a generic Jelly Baby your pretty safe. So that’s one of the more bizarre conversations of my week…



  9. John

    As I said over at Iain Dale’s blog, I really can’t see why it matters whether anyone supports Obama or McCain as far as their political leanings goes?

    I once heard this very valid “joke”:

    “America has 2 main political parties. One is a right wing organisation, and the other is the Republicans”

    In any other country in the world the Democrats would be considered a right wing organisation.

    In fact, American elections are more accurately comparable to a Conservative Party leadership election because both sides are that comparable. Both sides are right wing, yet the Republicans are slightly more right wing than the Democrats.

    So it matters not who you vote for, either way you end up with a right wing president.

  10. Will S

    In my local CF branch almost all of us are pro-Obama, the rest of us are on the fence. So I’m not sure whether your generalisations are entirely correct, Tom.

  11. joe bonanno

    Pro-democrat I can (just about) understand but pro-Obamessiah ????

    I mean what is there to be pro? There’s nothing there if you take away the platitudes and the windbaggery where he can’t open his mouth without trying to come across like he’s ML-K at the Lincoln Memorial or JFK in Berlin.

    I mean can any of you honestly say that you’re inspired!!!! by his speeches? And if so 😦 then so what. Can any of you actually name one of his policies apart from the less-troops-then-maybe-more-troops then-less-troops one?

    Oh yeah, and ‘Change’, I forgot about that one.

  12. joe bonanno

    PS joe – re the jelly babies – never mind jelly babies, I needed a couple of Mogadons after that post, to suppress my excited, wildly-beating heart.

  13. yozza

    “Tom – I hope you’re patting yourself on the back at the opportunity this blog gives to some rather strange people to vent! You’re saving the NHS a fortune in therapy costs…”

    Sadly Tom Can’t take all the credit.Google the name of any swivel eyed maniac and you will find they pop up on dozens of online forums and websites giving everyone the dubious benefit of their opinion on every subject under the sun.

  14. Leaving aside that abortion is not a left-right issue (Ruth Kelly anyone?), it is dangerous to assume that the Tory blogosphere is representataive of the party as a whole. There is considerable debate within the Conservatives as to who to support, as demonstrated in a fringe meeting at conference held by DC Tories on the subject being so packed I had to get my breakfast elsewhere.

    It would also be rather foolish for frontbench politicians to back a particular candidate, only for them to lose. It makes working with the other chap who’s become President that bit more difficult. Look no further than the fallout surrounding the gaffes of certain ministers in getting caught up in Obamania.

    Anyone who remembers the Guardian’s ill-fated letter-writing campaign of 2004 ought to be wary of foreign parties endorsing, or opposing, a particular candidate.

    That is of course assuming that backers of McCain automatically support Palin, which is certainly not the case. I have had to climb back onto the fence as a result of her nomination, being broadly pro-McCain, anti-Palin.

  15. Johnny Norfolk

    Who is Iain Dale. I think he is a closet Liberal.

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