Robert Peston: a news quiz

HE’S THE country’s most famous – and controversial – financial journalist, but the most obvious question about Robert Peston hasn’t yet been asked, never mind answered.

And it’s this: Are Peston and comedian Jeremy Hardy the same person? Or at least separated at birth, surely?


            Peston (left… I think) and Hardy.



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8 responses to “Robert Peston: a news quiz

  1. John

    Looks nothing like him.
    Specsavers perhaps?

  2. richard

    Peston is a bit like a left-wing comedian? Truer words were never spoken…

  3. John

    Vague resemblence at best.

    There are much easier ways to have a dig at Robert Peston Tom 😉

  4. That is shit-scary, I genuinely don’t know which is which. You sure you have the credits the right way round?

  5. Mo Daniels

    Tom, as of today I am a part owner of RBS (100 shares at 70p each). Mr Peston is trying too hard to have a style, Todd Benjamin of CNN is the class act, as close to Myron Kandel as you can get. If my RBS shares fall below 70p on Monday I will re-evaluate!

  6. Chris' Wills

    Yes they do look alike, cloning obviously and Jeremy Hardy got the intelligence.


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  7. sheddriver

    No………… he’s Gordon Brittas, empire building.


  8. I think the more important question is: when was the last time Robert Peston slept? He certainly hasn’t had time for a haircut.

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