Palin: the car crash continues

I WONDER how many British Tories will continue supporting Palin now that such support can no longer be extricated from tolerance of abuse of power. I expect their first line of defence will be “Well, NuLabour did it first,” or some such nonsense.

Bear in mind, of course, that abuse of power and an inescapably obvious lack of qualifications for office have not always stopped US politicians from being elected.



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8 responses to “Palin: the car crash continues

  1. And an over-abundance of failed lawyers and lecturers appear to be no obstacle to the formation of recent UK administrations either.

    On the plus side the resulting cornucopia of unnecessary legislation has meant their mates in the legal profession have been well looked after and wallowing in the gee-gaws (allegedly of course).

    Off topic I know, but I feel a lot better having got that off my chest.

    Thank you.

  2. Johnny Norfolk

    Selling our gold. and shunting the Bank of England to the side lines in the name of independence that was not in your manifesto. The vote on Europe that was in your manifesto that was then not carried out. Now that IS abuse of power. So please put your own house in order first. then when you have done it look round for others.

  3. John

    NuLabour DID do it first with their/Tony’s unflinching support of George Bush 😛

    I wouldn’t say Tory support amounts to “tolerance of abuse of power” though. Since this is the last in a long line of reasons why Palin is totally and utterly unsuitable for…..well…..anything, Tory support amounts to a host of other equally less desirable things first!

  4. “…an inescapably obvious lack of qualifications for office have not always stopped …” any politician seeking power, I think may be a more apposite comment, Tom.

    (NB: I’ve stopped calling you “young” since I saw your cameo appearance in the first rushes of “Labour’s Descent into Oblivion” on BBC Parliament. The make-up girls did you no favours did they?)

  5. Rapunzel

    There must be many thinking, committed Republican voters in the US, as there are many thinking, committed Tory and Labour voters here. They must be despairing at the moment over how they can vote for their candidate with Sarah Palin as his chosen VP. Which, for them is the lesser of two evils? Voting for McCain/Palin or voting for a democrat?

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  7. Zorro

    Some Tories support Palin/McCain, that’s hardly surprising, you’d support the democratic candidate even if they were dribblingly incompetent or corrupt (which we may yet find him to be!!)

    Personally I am a tory supporter but I do not like McCain OR Palin, I didn’t like Palin from when I first saw the woman. Moose shooting bitch (And from a frigging helicopter too, cheat!)

    Mind you I’m not at all sure about Obama, I fear he’s going to be the US’s version of Tony Blair. I seriously hope to be proven wrong!


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