Not tonight, dear…

LIKE many people, I am afflicted by the occasional migraine. As I write this I can feel the Naramig kicking in to try to stave off an attack.

I’ve been trying to work out if there’s a trigger: the usual suspects are chocolate, red wine and cheese – none of which applies to my current predicament.

Today I came up with a new possibility: breathing helium.

When I suggested this to Carolyn she gave me a withering look and asked if I had been doing it to amuse the children, or just to amuse myself? In my defence, there was a child present, though he seemed singularly unimpressed.

Anyway, since I removed the nozzle from my mouth I’ve been detecting the onset of the familiar symptoms. But I don’t think I’ll suggest my latest “trigger” theory to my GP.


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6 responses to “Not tonight, dear…

  1. I would actually pay you money to give a parliamentary speech on helium. Would certainly make BBC Parliament more interesting…

  2. Andrew F

    Mine always start visually: the light will catch my eye in a funny way, and bam! I have a migraine for 8 hours. Of course, dehyrdation is a contributing factor.

  3. Ted

    Sorry to hear this – I know people who get bad headaches too and they suffer terribly. If cluster headaches are related to migraines, this might work, odd as it sounds?

  4. Angryvoter

    All I will say is…

    You prat 😛

    Also, yes. I’d also happily look the other way if you went on a claim happy spree if you gave a question on helium at PMQ’s Tom.

  5. andy sharp

    Sympathies indeed.
    For me, it used to be stress (teenage angst, that sort of stuff), but the absolute guaranteed way for me to get a migraine now is when I visit the optician.
    As soon as that light gets shone into my eyes, I’ve got about twenty minutes to get home, pop the pills and head off to a darkened room to try to force myself to sleep.
    For the rest, I’m a cheese lover; chocolate is just one of my vices, and dehydration has never been a problem (although i take my water in a brewed potion with hops and barley), and these have no effect on me; so it really is down to the individual.
    I’m beginning to think that a migraine is just the coincidental end result (in terms of symptoms) of a variety of causes and influences.
    As for telling your GP?
    Well, I suppose there are worse things to snort than helium.
    Hopefully you’re not feeling too strung out today, anyway.

  6. I have just finished a piece about the EU banning traditional light bulbs, despite the fact that a large number of people suffer migraines and other serious effects from fluorescent light.

    If a bulb explodes: clear the area then hoover the carpet, then buy a new carpet and vacuum cleaner because they may be permanently contaminated with mercury.

    I thought chemical warfare was frowned upon or is it OK to use against the proles in the EUSSR?

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