On the air

THANKS to Matt Wardman for providing access to my Today in Parliament interview with all the non-Tom Harris bits edited out. Or you can listen to the whole programme at the BBC’s own site here. I’m 24 minutes in.

UPDATE at 11.03 am: Just received the following link from Matt, who uploaded my snippet to YouTube. And just for that, he’s going on the blogroll. Serves him right.


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9 responses to “On the air

  1. Eek, you sound a lot more Scottish than you do on your blog…

  2. PS The fact that you don’t know why you lost your ministerial job illustrates one of the many peculiarities of your occupation. In any other job you be entitled to an explanation and would have recourse to a tribunal if you thought you’d been treated unfairly.

    But MPs and ministers don’t even seem to get job descriptions or objectives let alone performance appraisals (unless that’s what elections are) so you’re back in the Stone Age at least as far as employment “best practice” is concerned…

  3. Stewart Knight

    Let’s be honest here Tom, you were not sacked for what you said on the blog or did online; the appointment of Simon, Watson and Bryant show that that is not the reason.

    We know you can’t tell us the real reason, if you know it, but I suspect it is simply because you’re a jock and Brown, or maybe Mandelson, wants more English and Welsh MPs in the cabinet and Government posts. I know what this feels like being a Scot and having represented Wales in a national competition and being told I wasn’t going to win for that reason, along with one other.

    I have a personal friend who is a Labour MP, and I have told him that until people like him, and you, get rid of the likes of Brown and Mandelson, and Watson/Simon etc. their lap dogs, Labour will never regain power and respectability.

    A bit like the graphic on your side bar with Cameron’s face that says which child centre would you cut/which school project would you cut/which puppy would you eat…etc. etc. etc. You might think it clever, but it puts voters off to see this when the truth is very different, and they know it. Playground politics going back to Blair in early 90’s, and then further back to unions in the seventies.

  4. davidc

    stewart king – prejudice is never attractive but how many scottish constituencies have an english born mp and how many english constituencies have one born in scotland ?

    i ask as a quarter scots born and living in england

    as to your mp friend i absolutely agree that the brown, mandleson etc are definitely not electorial assets

    also agree with your comment re. side bar – voters do know the truth as we experience it.

  5. Thanks for that. You mentioned in the ‘The Record’ interview that you thought blogging, perhaps not as we have now, will become more important for political parties and politicians in the future. Any plans to explain that further?

  6. I expect so. But only once I actually have something to say. Which isn’t yet.

  7. John

    There are rumours circulating that your blog is the reason you lost your job?

    If so, it just goes to show how hopelessly out of touch/petty/spiteful/vindictive/utterly ridiculous/*Insert profanity here* the government/Gordon Brown is.

    I think politicians having blogs such as yours is something to be strongly encouraged rather than vindictivly punished in such a pathetic manner as this. It beneifts the electorate as we get to know far more about our politicians than simply the party logo on their rosettes, and it benefits the politician because unless you are a complete tosser (which you aren’t…..sometimes 😉 ) you will get a few more votes because people will be voting for you as a person even if they dislike the party you represent.

    Put it this way, even as a card carrying Lib Dem (Sorry), if I lived in your constituency you could absolutely rely on my vote, and i’d rather jab a pencil into my eye than vote Labour!

    Therefore, surely politicians having blogs like yours is something the goverment/all political parties should be welcoming?

  8. >with all the non-Tom Harris bits edited out

    A politician’s dream….


  9. Johnny Norfolk

    Tom you are very lucky. This is one of my comments that the BBC rejected on ” Have Your Say”. I dont know why, as it think many people agree with this.

    “07-Oct-2008 07:44COMMENT:The Labour government started the British problems by setting an example of how to hide debt, with its off sheet accountancy. Brown then had the cheek to lecture us on how things should be done that he has never done himself. Governments need to spend much less, ending our membership of the EU would be a good start for us COMMENT STATUS:Rejected ”

    So this is a real example of the BBC not allowing anti Labour/EU comment

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