An occasion for Champagne?

AS I WRITE this, the Rt. Hon. David Davis and Shami Chakrabarti are celebrating the defeat by the Lords of the government’s plans for 42 days pre-charge detention over a bottle of Champagne in the Pugin Room in the Commons.

I’m glad she has a reason to smile at last.

I wonder if they’ve invited Andy Burnham to join them?



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8 responses to “An occasion for Champagne?

  1. Johnny Norfolk

    Well I think this is a good result. I hope someone in the government is arrested under the prevention of terrorisam act for wasting police time.

    I think the postings on this subject have been very fair with the clears majority against. and Tom we just cannot trust Labour with anything and a government with out trust is nothing.

  2. Was George Galloway with them?

  3. As usual, their lordships are eminently more sensible, down-to-earth, thoughtful and human than the people at your end of the Palace of Westminster.

    No offence.

  4. I guess getting an unelected chamber to prevent half-a-dozen or so people a year being banged up for an extra 14 days counts as a triumph in Ms Chakrabarti’s curious world. It’s a little odd, is it not, to see her chumming up with a bloke who wants to reintroduce hanging?

    As I commented elsewhere, I’m neither a terrorist nor a lawyer so perhaps can’t really understand all this.

    But it does seem odd that in Italy, for example, murder suspects can be incarcerated and interrogated for months without anyone apparently batting a proverbial eyelid. Perhaps we need to re-examine the rule which prevents further questioning after a charge has been brought. But I’m neither a terrorist nor a lawyer…

  5. richard

    I’m a bit surprised that you haven’t blogged about the fact that Tony lied about giving Bernie Ecclestone special consideration in return for big cash donations to the Labour party.

  6. davidc

    it is a sad commentary on life in this country (and i include scotland in this although scotland and england only joined together in the 18th century -after a self inflicted financial scandal as it happens !)that the only defense of our centuries old civil liberties is the unelected house of lords !

    and anyone expecting windmill dave to drop any of the legislation to do with civil liberties if/ when he ever got to power , will be disappointed. what is opposed in opposition becomes indispensible when in power

  7. Well, Richard, that’s probably because this is Tom’s personal blog, not Fox News. Honestly, do you hove up on sites devoted to “The Sopranos” demanding that they talk about butterfly farming in Outer Patagonia or something?

  8. The most hilarious thing about all this of course is that a large proportion of the Tory elected and unelected members cheerfully admit that 42,000 days would not bother them in the slightest. Still if they want to be liberal for an hour every now and again that will be alright by me.

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