Below par

I DON’T often get to see Panorama these days, but after watching tonight’s programme, I don’t think I’m missing much.

“Obama and the Pitbull: An American Story” promised to be an in-depth analysis of the divergent characters of Senator Obama and Governor Palin. Instead it was a superficial rehash of opinion that’s been reported in almost every newspaper in the past few months. Curiously, while there were a few talking heads from Chicago critical of Obama’s motives and experience (or lack of it), the only person who talked about Palin was her hagiographer biographer, who clearly thought the governor represented the Second Coming in female form but didn’t say so because that would be, like, heresy…

And I got the distinct impression that Jeremy Vine’s intro was recorded long before the “Palin bounce” had dissipated, and certainly long before the more recent confirmation that she abused her office. So there were a few seemingly hastily-recorded add-ons in the voice-over that jarred completely with the programme’s central premise: that a down-to-earth “good ol’ girl” was running rings round the elitist intellectual senator.




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3 responses to “Below par

  1. I’m generally an advocate of BBC journalism, but Panorama has been rubbish for a while…

  2. Johnny Norfolk

    Tom I agree with you. I remember when Panorama was at 8pm on a Monday night. It was balanced, serious and had gravitas. now its just a cheep and nasty dumbed down version. We have Newsnight in its place full of leftie trots. It is on far to late for workers as I used to be in bed asleep when it started. Only people with easy jobs or retired can stay up to watch it.

  3. joe bonanno

    she abused her office…

    …and what word would you like to use describe the behaviour towards his ‘office’ of the man who lied about * when he exempted F1 from the tobacco advertising ban (and who also gave you the proudest day of your political life)?

    ‘Abused’, perhaps?

    *I think this needs an ‘inter alia’ don’t you.

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