Things I never thought I’d say #211

I COMPLETELY agree with Yasmin Alibhai-Brown. The Lords are infuriating, independent, obstinate, unpredictable and… exactly what you want from a second chamber.

If it ain’t broke…



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5 responses to “Things I never thought I’d say #211

  1. richard

    Just what we need the day after the MOD admit losing nearly 2 million people’s record; A great big database containing the details of all calls made by everyone to everyone.

    I can see at least five or six ways that it would be useful to criminals, not least of which because you could see who celebrities have been calling, where convicted criminals live, where safe-houses and witness protectees are living, blackmailing people who (accidentally / purposefully) visit legitimate but embarassing websites, etc.

    Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  2. Auntie Flo'

    Exactly. Well said, Tom!

  3. Johnny Norfolk

    The Lords should be either totaly elected or left alone. Labour have done neither. If it was totaly elected half way through a Commons term, Labour would now have no one in the Lords, it would reflect the peoples wishes and that would never do. The changes Labour have made to the Lords have all been partizan to reduce opposition and thats all.

  4. davidc

    1 how soon will it be before we are told that politicians, celebs and other low lifes will have their details ‘specially encrypted’ on any national database ?
    2 the principle, nay only role, of the unelected house of lords is to protect us from the dictatorship of the elected house of commons ( of any, all and no discernable political tendency) and if necessary give the h of c a bloody nose when our civil liberties are being threatened.

  5. Will S

    Welcome to the constitutional realists, Tom! 🙂

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