Crazy old guy ignores restraining order



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11 responses to “Crazy old guy ignores restraining order

  1. Johnny Norfolk

    Tom. You will be like that one day, if you are not already

  2. John

    I am very surprised that a politician whom I have the utmost respect for, would stoop so low as this.
    McCain’s fascial expression could be for any number of reasons including medical or generical, but you chose to use it as humour.
    I wonder how you would react if a picture had been taken of Gordon Brown stumbling with David Blunkett in shot, with the headline something like “Leading politicians blindman’s buff”
    It seems that anything goes in the world of politics.

  3. John. John, John, John, what are we going to do with you?

    If you had bothered doing a quick search for the origins of this picture, you will have seen that McCain was making a joke after he mistakenly almost walked off the stage. Now, if McCain’s expression had medical reasons (which it hadn’t), then clearly he wouldn’t be fit to become president, would he?

    Even I wouldn’t make a joke about a serious medical condition. Get with the programme, mate.

  4. John

    Tom, I trawl through most of the online papers every morning. This picture is featured in a couple of them but no indication that it was meant as a joke. In fact the Telegraph has him in similar expression when he and Obama are facing the audience with their respective wives.
    This one touched a nerve as a close family friend displays a similar expression, and it’s no joke.
    Perhaps I should have known better than to criticise you….

  5. OK, John, here. Now don’t say I’m not good to you.

  6. It’s not the only bizarre shot of McCain from that debate, it really was car crash tv at times.

    I used to say to my one year old nephew “put that tongue away” in a joking, fun way. You wouldn’t think you’d have to say it to a presidential nominee!

    I think the nerves and the stakes got the better of McCain, surely Obama has it in the bag now…

  7. richard have just paid out on bets on Obama to win.

  8. Jim Baxter

    Like one that on a lonseome road
    Doth walk in fear and dread
    And having once turned round
    Walks on, and turns no more his head
    Because he knows a frightful fiend
    Doth close behind him tread

  9. John

    You’re good to me Tom.
    Did you know someone has nominated you for the Spectator’s Reader’s Representative Award (nominated by members of the public)?

  10. I didn’t even know my dad could use a computer…

  11. John

    Is his surname Brown then?

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