‘Hey, guys – gunmen just need some love…’

CHRIS Huhne (who may or may not be the rightfully elected leader of the LibDems – who cares?) has again come out against mandatory sentences for those carrying guns.

He told the Today programme this morning: “The existence of these mandatory sentences  means there is less chance of people coming forward – it makes it a lot more difficult to catch people.”

His logic seems to be that members of the community will only consider giving information to the police if they’re confident that the sentence will be less harsh than is currently mandatory. But I wonder what evidence he has for that?

In other words, he reckons judges should have the discretion to give people carrying handguns a sharply-worded ticking off and a referral to a conflict-mediation therapist.

I see the depressingly familiar hand of the aggrieved legal profession behind this nonsense; judges and lawyers hate it when politicians reduce their scope for handing down inappropriately lenient sentences. Funnily enough, people who carry handguns agree with them, and with Chris Huhne.



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11 responses to “‘Hey, guys – gunmen just need some love…’

  1. John

    Even as a card carrying Lib Dem (Sorry) I am totally embarassed by Chris Huhne, and in my opinion it’s stupid comments like this that do enormous harm to the cause.

    I consider my political leanings to be centre-left, and from what i’ve been made aware of, there are a large number of Lib Dems the same.

    However, what the public see is the ill advised rantings of this guy, and assume that all the Lib Dems are useless raving lefties as a result.

    Maybe i’m being naive, and he is actually representitive of the Lib Dems? In which case i’ve joined the wrong party 😦

    In any case, nothing can spoil my mood today, as I have just learned that I have passed my Legal Practice Certificate! This means that I can now look for work as a trainee solicitor! I couldn’t be happier! After an economics degree, the law conversion course, and now the legal practice certificate I am now finally finished with academia! What a great day! 🙂

  2. John – Congratulations and well done!

  3. joe bonanno

    Hang ’em, flog ’em, quite right. Let’s also see some proper punishment for carrying a knife beyond the grotesque ‘caution’ and the truly grotesque ‘warning’. Sadly the liberati see all knife-carriers as innocent and frightened children who merely feel the need to defend themselves. Then of course it’s not usually the liberati that end up in the morgue courtesy of a knife in the gizzard.

    Anyway with your robust views on crime it is certainly time you did the decent thing and crossed the floor to a party with a future. Albeit you would have to leave West Albania which hasn’t voted for a tax-cutting party in more than half a century. (Something to do, I think, with being a beneficiary of the taxes of ‘other people’ living in another country.)

  4. Would it be better if all stable, law-abiding citizens were entitled to carry concealed firearms?

    It reduces violent crime, according to this and many other studies.

    I put it to you that the real reason the government hates gun owners is the same reason the Founding Fathers of the US provided the Second Amendment.

    Patrick Bolling: “Our founding fathers understood what it meant to be oppressed. They understood it so well in fact that they wrote arms protection into the Bill of Rights so Americans could defend themselves against intrusive government. The right to keep and bear arms has nothing to do with chasing away common burglars. It has to do with chasing away legalized burglars in fancy hats. All governments strive for more power. It is the nature of government. The militias of the several states stood with our founding fathers to stop the ever increasing encroachment of the British.”

    He finished his article with this: “Mark my words. If guns are made illegal, liberty will disappear.”

    And guess what?

    If we had properly armed militias in the UK, Tom, do you think you would still have a job in Westminster?

    I wonder how many of your colleagues would by now have their heads displayed on spikes on London Bridge like the traitors of old.

    Not that I would wish for that to happen, naturally, although it would be a great attraction for tourists.

  5. Chris' Wills

    Is it illegal just to carry a hand gun, even if you have a licence for it? Very odd state of affairs.

    Though, I do agree with you that mandatory minimums aren’t are bad idea for some offences.

  6. richard

    I think the point that he was trying to make (albeit in his own, inimitably incompetent way) is that criminals are likely to be less willing to cooperate with the police to help catch their co-conspirators if their outcome is subject to a mandatory sentence and cannot be positively influenced by their cooperation.

    Which is true.

  7. Blackacre

    Glad to see you are in the same camp as Stewart Cowan on this one, Tom. I am sure you maintain you are right notwithstanding that.

  8. Tom of south east London

    I live in south east London where indescribably horrible events occur on a regular basis. If the Cabinet all lived in this area, they wouldn’t put up with it!

    Anyone caught carrying a handgun should be charged with attempted murder (of an unknown person). Why else would you want to carry a gun? The sentence should be life and the release date would then be at the discretion of the Home Secretary.

  9. Tom of south east London

    PS I wondered when I typed my earlier comment whether I was over exaggerating, but then I read about the shooting in Lambeth tonight…….http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/london/7677403.stm

    There may be laws being created in Westminster but without any regard for the law or enforcement, are they of any use whatsoever?

  10. John

    “John – Congratulations and well done!”

    Thanks a lot Tom! I really appreciate it!

  11. Jan B

    Nice…smear tactics the Republicans would be proud of. I heard Mr Huhne on Today this morning and his argument was a good deal more involved than the selective quoting above. He spoke very eloquently I thought about why he didn’t believe in mandatory minimums. Whether you agree with him or not, he sounded reasonable. You on the other hand merely appear petty.

    It would be nice if politicians paid less attention to sentencing, and instead concentrated on creating a few good laws rather than lots of bad ones, empowered the police to do their job well (whether that is money, less bureaucracy, or kick up the proverbial) and sought long term solutions to the causes of crime.

    You seem likeable enough Tom, but blimey, you also seem to be one of these typical Labour types of limited vision that has lived a different past 11 years to the rest of us. The Tories are supposed be to either crap or complete bar stewards, but one foolishly expects better of Labour.

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