Spectator: Cameron ‘worryingly wrong-headed’

INTERESTING, isn’t it, that Fraser Nelson of The Spectator, seems to be losing faith in ‘David’. In his latest posting over at Coffehouse he describes the detail in Cameron’s economy speech earlier today as “worryingly wrong-headed”.

But it’s Nelson’s first two paragraphs which seem to define his attitude to ‘David’:

I’ve read and re-read Cameron’s speech on the economy, hoping that I had somehow missed the radical message to answer Gordon Brown. I have given up.

Britain is facing a tsunami of unemployment, two years of recession if we’re lucky and what do the Tories have to say? They’ll set up a new quango, and try to tinker with council tax. We had new phrases: instead of “irresponsible capitalism” we’re told there will be “responsible free enterprise”. His dreadful “social responsibility” phrase is making a comeback in the form of “economic responsibility” and remains just as vacuous as a concept.

I can’t believe that CCHQ regard this vote of no confidence with anything other than grave disquiet.

As one Labour peer said to me this week in the tearoom: “Cameron can’t win an election on the centre ground because that’s not where his party is.”

To be fair to Cameron (and I usually try not to be), he has chosen in the last three years to adopt the politics of the centre ground, so maybe he means it. But I doubt if his constant banging of the “We’re the party of the NHS” drum, or turning his face against grammar schools, is winning him many converts from previous devotees of Thatcher.

And I would count Mr Nelson among them.



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3 responses to “Spectator: Cameron ‘worryingly wrong-headed’

  1. Johnny Norfolk

    I think most of us find Cameron to soft. He needs to be on constant attack of Labour and the disaster they have made of our economy.
    If I want to know about the economy I read John Redwoods blog.

  2. dreamingspire

    Good to see political topics back on you blog, Tom. I didn’t agree with those who say your return to the backbenches (albeit sitting on a bench at the front) was triggered by the occasional political comment on here. Perhaps there was a desire on the part of someone to shunt trains into the Lords on the assumption that that is a siding – no it ain’t, but it does have rather less revelation to the public of its CCTV coverage.

  3. britishpolitics

    My main criticsm of Cameron is he is keener on rhetoric than policy suggestions. The public truly want to see whether they support his suggestions and they can only do that when they know what they are. If Cameron has an alternative to Labour’s agenda, then he should tell us what it is.

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