Like father, like sons

THERE was a time, not so long ago, when I had given up hope of ever again hearing the sound of children shouting “EXTERMINATE!” at each other in their best grating, metallic voices.

That pessimism was dispensed with recently when Ronnie and Reggie started doing their own impersonation of Daleks. In fact, I was prompted to write this when Reggie, a few moments ago, started doing his Dalek impression while wearing an upturned plastic laundry basket over his head.

So thank you, Russell T. Davies and the BBC.

I feel as if my whole life/Doctor Who obsession has now been validated. Now I don’t feel quite so defensive about owning my three remote-controlled Daleks (and one remote-controlled Davros)…

Not a Harris child in a laundry basket

PS: Did you know that when the new series of Doctor Who was first scheduled for broadcast in 2005, BBC Scotland nearly refused to show it at the same time as the rest of the network? Sacrilege!



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3 responses to “Like father, like sons

  1. John

    Perfectly normal offspring there Tom (even Harry Hill was exclaiming ‘Exterminate’ to one of his You’ve Been Framed clips last night).

    Would you have been worried if they had been shouting ‘Order, Order’ at each other?

  2. I am experiencing the same thing with my daughter – she has gone mad on Dr Who and we also have sonic screwdrivers and remote control daleks around the place. We’ve just been to Waterstone’s and come away with yet another two Who-related books and no doubt Santa will be bringing some more.

    I’ve also shown her some Tom Baker episodes – he was my doctor when I was growing up. She loves the Doctor but finds the difference in effects quite staggering.

    It is good when you can share the things you loved as a child with your own children:-) I’m sure they get something out of it too.

  3. Can I come out from behind the sofa yet?

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