Hello again, Glenrothes

I HAVE fond memories of Glenrothes.

In 1987, never having stepped foot in an airplane before, I took off from Glenrothes Airport (or Buckhaven International, depending on your preferences) in a small single prop plane and, when it reached about 3000 feet, jumped out. Fixed line parachute jump, in case you had to ask. So for a few months afterwards, I could honestly claim to have taken off in a plane, but never landed in one.

And now, 21 years on, I’m back.

I have campaigned in many by-elections over the years, and I’m sure that at least some of them took place in warm, summer months. But on days like today, that’s easy to forget.



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10 responses to “Hello again, Glenrothes

  1. Nigel Harris

    Nice one Tom. I’ve always fancied the idea of the parachute jump, but am entirely unconvinced about whether or not, when the moment came, I’d be capable of stepping out of an aircraft that was flying perfectly normally, with nothing wrong with it!

    So c’mon, ‘fess up….did you jump, or did you need to be pushed?!

  2. John

    You’re going to jump out of an aeroplane again?

  3. Johnny Norfolk

    Make sure they know we now have the greatest government debt since 1946. How could you Labour MPs have allowed your leaders to do this. You deserve to loose utterly in this by electioon for what you have done. I feel totaly betrayed by labour for what you have done to our country. I felt like a voice in the wilderness warning people what would happen they way you were doing things since 1999. But is is just far worse than I thought it would be. I blame first Brown then Blair for letting him do it.

  4. Don’t worry, Johnny – the first thing we’re told to say on the doorstep is “Did you know we have the greatest government debt since 1946?” Textbook.

  5. Well, I’m in a warm, dry office not so far away from you and it has just tipped it down in spectacular style.

    You have my sympathy if you are out in that.

  6. Zorro

    Perhaps you could arrange a parachute jump for Gordon? I could help with the parachute packing if you like!

  7. Let us know when your hitting Glerothes again oh rain god so I can get the sunny weather I’m used to up there.

  8. richard

    So, jokes about poll ratings in free-fall and “crashing and burning” would probably be quite apposite…

  9. James

    Don’t forget to tell the good people of Glerothes that you’re putting all their kids on the ContactPoint database……but yours will not be as all MPs children are the only ones exempt.

    As their mission statement says ….Every Child Matters….(apart from MPs)

  10. I’ll add it to my crib sheet. So much to remember…

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