Much ado…

REGRETTABLY, I can’t help but agree with Iain Dale that what will inevitably be entitled “Osbornegate” by this time tomorrow is a non-story.

While watching fabulously rich people and their friends fall out over whether or not the caviar was passed to the right or the left is fascinating and entertaining, I find it hard to believe that anything at all of any importance to British politics occurred during the Champagne-fuelled dinners aboard various yachts and in Corfu tavernas. 

I mean, would “Boy” George  really have risked his entire career for the sake of a £50,000 bung? If so, then he has far less political judgment than anyone has given him credit for.



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  1. Johnny Norfolk

    I agree with you, but what realy does annoy me is that because its a Tory involved it is the opening story on the BBC news just proving yet again how biased the BBC is. Not a mention that Mandleson was STAYING on the yaht for a week. Its just a non story and mischief making against the Conservatives. At least Paxman tried to put some perspective on it.

  2. Good judgement on your part.

  3. Rapunzel

    “I mean, would “Boy” George really have risked his entire career for the sake of a £50,000 bung?”

    We shall see! What interesting times we live in!

  4. You’re too nice (or, more likely, you’ve got more useful things to do with your time)! If this were a tale involving a Labour bod, the “blogosphere” would be in hyper-drive and Mr Dale would be going at it with the full weight of his notoriously self-righteous zeal. He’d be as tenacious as a yappy little Jack Russell at a postman’s ankles…

  5. Johnny Norfolk

    I do not agree with Mr Hughes. I think both Messers Harris and Dale are reasonaabe men and are, and in general try to be fair minded. One is of course totaly misguided. I will not say who it is but it is not Mr Dale.

    They are in my opinion the 3 best blogs not counting my own. The missing one is John Redwood who does not come over as some extream right wing zelot as the BBC/Labour party make out. He is one of the few people who blog that undestands money. I just wish lefties would put up reasoned arguments against him instead of just bitter and twisted remarks.

  6. James

    If,if, if this is pushed too far and Osborne resigns, I wonder if John Redwood would take his place?
    An altogether more formidable opponent who has been bang on with his view of the economy. And he questioned in his Blog why Parliament had never been recalled when the economic situation arose.

  7. This is not a non-story at all. A possible future chancellor allegedly soliciting illegal party funds? A non-story? Come of it !
    The Tory attack dog commenters are all over the media trying to sell this as a non-story but it goes straight to the heart of political sleaze.

    Mandelson EU trade commisioner, Rothschild a multi millionaiire into hedge funds, a russian Oligarch, a Tory Shadow Chancellor all having a cozy little Tete a tete on a yacht. What do we think was being discussed – the recent football results?

    The BBC reporter Robert Peston is in the middle of this as well. Reported by the Tories to the SFO for possibly getting insider information which effected the markets. Then he blogs about the Osbourne story when he is the Business editor. Strange.

    The whole thing stinks. The message to Osbourne is “Shut the F up or we’ll tell what you were up to” . There are lots of dirty fongers in this particular pie.

  8. braddogley

    This raises serious questions about his judgement and therefore his ability to his job. The most distinguished thing about him is that he looks like he is Gordon Brown’s younger brother.

    The question is how much of this type of thing has Gideon done? is this a habit?

    It may well be that he has done nothing wrong, but he is left looking like an unwise, arrogant fool, rather than the next chancellor. Maybe he was just trying to sell wallpaper.

  9. I didn’t know you had a blog Johnny Norfolk. I’m surprised you have the time 😉

    You should link your name to it and get some new visitors.

  10. richard

    Not a great move from the BBC. I’m guessing that if discussions about their funding weren’t already a point for discussion in the forthcoming Conservative manifesto then they almost certainly will be now.

    The bias shown by Nick “heard a rumour” Robinson / Robert “Crash the economy” Peston, et al is vicious and blatant. They simply don’t want a Conservative government and are deserately casting around for stories to stem the coming landslide.

    I especially enjoyed the “Tory lead cut to just 9 points” story they ran a few days back. Surely, “Labour still behind by nine points despite the poll being conducted immediately after their Conference” would have been closer to the objective truth…

  11. joe bonanno

    Did Captain Snot really try to make something of this in PMQs? The man who had absolutely no knowledge of absolutely anything to do with cash for honours, and who’s just finished whitewashing two of his cabinet who don’t seem exactly quite sure of where they live.

    Desperate – truly desperate.

    When’s the country actually going to be allowed a vote so it can (effectively) decide whether CS is fit for the job or not?

  12. ani

    There have been questions querying why George Osborne would risk his reputation for ‘only’ £50, 000, but that was their top whack suggestion to the review on political funding.
    Presumably, if a donation had been forthcoming directed through a British company, at least it would have been within their suggested limit.

    Usual paranoia spouting from Biased Beeb residents, and James, what a good idea to bring back Redwood. The Tories love him, and the public still think he’s bonkers, but if you insist…

    Johnny Norfolk, if you weren’t such a miserable codger, you’d perhaps get a few responses to your blog.
    For goodness sake Tom, do reciprocate, and send him a comment – perhaps a joke or something to cheer him up, after all, he says you’re his first call every day.
    Lucky old you, eh?

  13. braddogley

    Richard, surely you don’t mean the former young conservatives leader, Nick Robinson?

  14. Madasafish

    Well I read and watch the BBC.
    And in my view the standard of reporting on this issue is so poor – and lacks such judgement – that I suspect if the Conservatives win power there will be some retribution… in spades..

    I agree: it’s a non issue.

    And frankly we voters think so poorly of politicians that all this affair does is reinforce our low opinion.

    I would have thought your Leader and Mandelson would realise this is only confirming in our minds you are all a bunch of scheming venal idiots.

    (I don’t think politicians are but the way you are all behaving makes on think so.).

    Any chance of us approving Government funding of political parties was low before this. Now it’s non existent.

    Well done. (not you personally. But the BBC , Labour and George Osbourne. Mission accomplished!)

  15. richard

    Braddogley; Yes, Nick Robinson was indeed a Young Conservative during his university years but you’ll note that he’s completely whitewashed that out of his personal profile:

  16. So I see!!

    The picture looks uncannily Gilliganesque…….

  17. I suppose I don’t tell anyone I used to love Knight Rider………….oh hang on…

  18. Johnny Norfolk

    If there is an investigation it should be to find out why Mandleson was spening a weeks holiday on board.

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