Earlier every year

DON’T you find that people start complaining about how early shops start stocking Christmas stuff earlier each year?



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8 responses to “Earlier every year

  1. You took you time Tom. I started complainging about it before my Birthday mid-September IS far too early.

    The other day I had to hunt down the eggs in Tescos as the selection boxes had taken their place. Way to go for healthy food promotion.

  2. Have you noticed how early people are complaining about preparations for Christmas this year?

  3. Madasafish

    I find:
    People start complaining about Christmas coming early in the shops
    starts earlier every year.


    PS you are late to complain Tom.. first I read was in September…

  4. Liz

    I was wished a Happy Christmas at the end of a meeting today. Granted, the next one isn’t till mid-February, but even so….! Bah. Humbug.

  5. John Taylor

    It’s much worse than you can imagine. My wife creates windows for shops. Planning starts in February and they all troop off to the trade Christmas shows in April. Apparently, if you haven’t sorted your Christmas scheme by June…well, forget it. It is all put together in August and then delivered for installing in October. And taken out in January. Then planning starts in February…again. Consequently, when it comes to the ‘Festive Season’, I am the most miserable, hate-filled git on the planet.

  6. Johnny Norfolk

    I love Christmas, the sooner it starts the better. Mrs N and I thought we would be on our own this Christmas but our son and his partner will be with us for 3 days, so we are so looking forward to it. We have lots of traditions we have built up over the years with our family. We do not allow the commercialisam to come in, as much as we can. The number 1 rule is no television. Its a pity people cannot make the best of it whatever they do. Its strange how things change. our son hated going to church over Christmas. however this year he is keen to go. I could have gone to the foot of our stairs. we were planning not to go this year but there you are.

  7. Rapunzel

    Dear Tom,

    I thought I’d get in early this year with our usual “Round Robin” letter about what we’ve all been up to this year. Since last Christmas we have had some real adventures so this letter may be rather long……………………..

  8. Rapunzel

    Seen locally.

    “Mince pies. Ideal for Christmas. Best before November 15th.”

    So, it’s not that shops are stocking earlier for Christmas.
    Christmas is obviously scheduled to be earlier.
    Problem solved.

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