Fair play from the Speaker

DESPITE this rather typically sensible and non-partisan ruling from Speaker Martin, his detractors in the Conservative Party will no doubt continue to criticise him.



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7 responses to “Fair play from the Speaker

  1. joe bonanno

    Remind me now, I forget, was it seven nights your new Lord spent on Deripaska’s yacht?

  2. Chris' Wills

    Well, for once, the speaker wasn’t out of order.

    Shame NuLabor don’t understand common courtesy; I guess the foolish labourite thinks that courtesy isn’t required by NuLabor.

    Given their actions, this is probably not a mistaken idea.

  3. Rapunzel

    Or they could just change the subject.

  4. Wes Mantooth

    Hi Tom, since you’re advertising international year of Astronomy 2009, could you also post a link to Homecoming 2009?




  5. richard

    One good decision set against a stack of bad ones hardly proves anything.

  6. Martin Cullip

    Well done Mr Speaker. Labour shouldn’t be bringing this nonsense up in the first place, it’s particularly surprising that Brown thinks this is worthy of an investigation!

    I’m not a Tory, and definitely NOT a Labourite, so perhaps that’s why I can’t see the relevance of this nonsense. What is the PM doing getting involved in playground bickering?

    Have he & Mr Winnick (not Rt Hon. at all) not got better things to be doing?

  7. Zorro

    Wow! “Speaker does the right thing” headline. Don’t you think it’s slightly telling that this is even reported?! 🙂

    But kudos to him for actually doing what he’s supposed to for a change. Now if he could keep this up perhaps he could keep his job after 2010!

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