Newsnight Review – disappointing

SOMETIMES I really don’t know why I watch Newsnight Review. Will Self is clearly far too clever and intellectual to think that anything the rest of us might like is any good.

I speak of Ghost Town, Ricky Gervais’s latest foray into Hollywood, which Carolyn and I watched today. I’ve been disappointed by so many comedies at the cinema recently, when I’ve discovered that all the funny bits were saved for the trailer.

We think Gervais in the King of Comedy anyway, so our expectations were very high. In this case, we were far from disappoined. We laughed out loud throughout. Carolyn even cried (in a good way) towards the end.

Top film. Ignore Will Self – go and see it.



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9 responses to “Newsnight Review – disappointing

  1. Zim Flyer

    Will Self is full of his own self importance, why are people like him constantly on the television. Has he built anything, or created anything or saved a life?

    Why not get an engineer on, or a nurse or a scientist, people who have actually done something.

  2. ANON

    Agreed, to paraphrase something Paul Merton said tonight about George Osborne; Will Self is full of contempt for anyone who isn’t Will Self.

    But enough of all that, Tom. How do you reconcile this:

    with this:

    I await your stinging criticism (oh alright, it doesn’t have to be stinging) of the PM and his decision to break by-election convention.

  3. Johnny Norfolk

    I never watch it anymore, its just full of leftie trendies and is of no interset to me anymore.
    I suggest you do the same.

  4. Chris' Wills

    On Will Self you are correct, too self indulgent like many pseudo-intellectuals masquerading as critics on TV.

    Well I accept your view about the film, but won’t go and see it and I’m one of the people who doesn’t find Ricky Gervais to be one of the funniest people alive. More cringe-worthy than laughable.

  5. You can’t help laughing at Will Self’s pompous hypocrisy, e.g. rails against flying in general and a second runway at Stanstead in particular one week then takes his family off to Australia another.

    Perhaps he was being ironic in a sort of beyond post modern way. And he does so love to use a few complex, obscure words where a single simple one would do just as well which, perhaps you’ll concede, is rather sweet.

    But he’s one of the few meeja stars who admit to enjoying walking and he lobbies occasionally for better provision for walkers so I love him dearly really…

  6. braddogley

    Ricky is indeed a comedy genius, alongside Carr, Boyle, Bailey and Lee.

    Not sure if i fancy Ghost Town as not sure if it seems the best vehicle for RG. But, if you think that it is worth a tenner’s outlay then maybe I am wrong.

    Not long now till quantum of solace.

  7. Jeremy Poynton

    Jeez. I ignore both of them. At least Self isn’t a politician, even if he is an utter t**t

  8. David P

    I thought Will Self was in danger of disappering up his own arse when stating that Gervais’ “success is his failure”.

    Much like my Nan I then proceeded to shout at the TV.

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