Politics for the hard-of-thinking

HAT-TIP to Scottish Unionist for unearthing these illuminating quotes which pretty much sum up nationalists’ views of anyone who disagrees with them. Seems I was being over-generous in comparing them to Sarah Palin’s true believers.



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22 responses to “Politics for the hard-of-thinking

  1. Brian Hall

    Bitter… bitter… bitter.

  2. Oh dear Tom, I came to expect better from you than linking to AM2’s troll blog. Poor show old man, poor show.

  3. davidc

    SNP member and CyberNat ‘Democracy’, on his hopes for independence: “When the dust settles there will be an exodus of English and pro-union Scots (aka. English)packing their pro-union bags and heading southward…”

    matched by an equivalent movement of scots and their english sympathisers packing their bags and moving northwards to cali’ heaven ? we will see but i would be sorry if you dropped off the political twig tom.

  4. davidc

    do you think sir s connery will renounce his knighthood and return to be greeted by the cheering masses ?

  5. Johnny Norfolk

    But Tom the same could be said of Labour.
    There are so many things you have done that no one wants, but as you never listen, its a bit like the pot calling the kettle black.

  6. Arne Arnessen

    You’re right, of course. Parroting quotes from an anonymous blogger, parroting quotes from other anonymous bloggers really is “Politics for the hard-of-thinking”.

  7. Brian:

    What’s bitter about it? My post suggests that the “Scottisher than thou” belief goes beyond a few crackpot fringe elements to some within the supposed “mainstream” of the SNP (members, activists and even politicians).

    Believing that people who hold a certain political viewpoint are more or less Scottish than others is fascistic. Such views bode ill for societal cohesion and must be challenged.

  8. sibel

    It’s true that some people who support independence say silly things sometimes. So do unionists. By focussing on this, trying to make-out that the snp and the people within it are crackpots, rather than engaging with the reality, you make yourselves seem bitter and your arguments weaker.

  9. Andrew BOD


    I heard that this blog was one of the best in Scotland. I’m still searching for it.

    Some of your own comments in the last week are the antithesis of those you critique. This little number and the ‘Palin’ comparison are as indiscriminate as those you belittle.

    SU/AM2’s Blog is interesting for a discussion, but I just don’t get his obsession with silly ‘CyberNat’ posts. There’s some truly awful stuff out there on the newspaper threads, and not all of it has a nationalist viewpoint.

    Let’s have some grown up discussion for a change.

  10. OK, Sibel. Tell you what…

    Please find and post to this thread one quote by each of a member, an activist and a senior politician of any of the three main unionist parties calling nationalists “less Scottish” than unionists (or “less British”, or indeed any such racial or nationalistic comparison) and I’ll freely concede your point.

  11. malcolm

    Tom, really dire when you resort to quoting from that bigoted dolt AM2. Not one of your finer moments.

  12. Andrew BOD


    You know what Sibel was talking about. Tom himself made a silly, indiscriminate comment above…

    “..illuminating quotes which pretty much sum up nationalists’ views of anyone who disagrees with them.”

    All nationalists?
    Some nationalists?
    Only ‘CyberNats’?

    Consider using that sentence with another wide-ranging group of people: Gays, Women, Glaswegians, Welsh, etc… (or even Unionists)

  13. Malcolm – I think you mis-read my post: I was referring to quotes, not from AM2, but from three SNP members: Winnie Ewing, “Miss H” and “Democracy”.

    And when you (and other SNP sympathisers) say “Not one of your finest moments”, presumably you mean that I shouldn’t ever criticise the SNP?

  14. Perhaps focus on Salmond and the Politicians, Tom. They are perfectly capable of ridiculing themselves without needing any help from anybody else: For example, John Mason MP:

    “Margaret Curran needs to decide – does she want to be an MP for Glasgow East or an MSP. ”

    Source: http://www.snp.org/node/14036


    “Salmond rules out byelection for Westminster seat.”

    Source: http://tinyurl.com/alexsalmond

  15. Liz

    Although I’m not a labour supporter Tom, I am disappointed you use AM2 as your quote base.

    AM2 doesn’t use the quotes such as Gordon Brown repeatedly stating “I will ensure it’s the end of boom and bust” so why just victimise SNP supporters? I thought you were above that. The Herald and Scotsman forums have their ‘nutters’ who are quite unable to discuss anything – but they make nasty comments. They are both unionists and SNP alike, but I assure you some of the SNP supporters (and very few unionists) do initiate excellent discussions.

    Unfortunately SNP supporters have so few forums available for discussion that they have to resort to the newspapers, which are very biased (sadly).

    The sooner our media start reporting fairly, then the sooner the ‘nutters’ will subside.

    Keep the blog going even though I was incensed enough to have to post against this one.

  16. Liz

    Oh Matt that’s old news, can’t you do better?

    Your hero, Donald Dewar did the same thing and Lord Foulkes is also receiving payment from the House of Lords as well as the Scottish Parliament.

    Come on, up the discussion into policies instead of this ancient nonsense.

  17. Liz

    I’ll ask again. If you genuinely think that comments such as the ones I highlighted come from “unionists and SNP alike”, then please post a few examples of Labour, Conservative or Lib Dem members, activists and politicians making statements which effectively consign nationalists to second class citizen status.

    Have you any idea how much schism could be caused if the notion really took root that people with different constitutional preferences are as a result “more Scottish” or “less Scottish” than others?

  18. Liz


    I have followed your cut and paste postings for some time now.

    You’re a dyed in the wool unionist and can’t see past that to any other opinion. I have only once seen you agree with the Scottish government (can’t remember the issue) and it’s now got to the stage with me on the newspaper forums that I skim past your postings (with their various nicknames) because few SNP supporters are professional enough to keep such a big data base of postings as yourself.

    I’m a lowly pensioner who is able to assess my country’s future and put my point of view.

    Your postings are full of scaremongering and negativity towards anything regarding independence.

    Shouldn’t you be spending time with your wife on a Saturday night? Or, is she like my other half, a TV sport enthusiastic? (That’s all that seems to be on TV with the exception of rubbish).

  19. Wes Mantooth

    Poor AM2/SU the TWH Crosland of our age.

  20. Andrew BOD


    On your own blog, ‘g-simonadottir’ and ‘DS’ have both recently made statements implying inferiority of nationalists and Scots in general. Both are Unionists and both were corrected, to your credit, by yourself.

    As it’s your blog, I’m sure you’ll remember what they wrote, but if you need some reminding, I’ll fish them out for you.

  21. Hen Broon

    Poor wee AM2/Highland Mighty/sm7…/etc.etc.etc every where you scurry you are haunted by your paranoia and madness. The list keeper.

    My quote that I made “Scots are a distinct ethnic race,” has been used by you as part of your portfolio of “border line racism,” within the gates of the SNP and evidence in your loyalist mind that we are all brown shirted blue eyed nutters. It is no surprise to find that our ethenicity is offically recognised.

    If as you claim you are from Northern Ireland, (but do not discuss Irish politics,) then the chances are that you share that Scottish ethenicity, as we Scots were used to colonise Ulster after the Brits executed and deported the chieftans there. Ulster Scots were legally prevented from intergration with the natives so keeping the breed pure, neat eh. British Unionism in full flow.


    Scots made official ethnic group

    Scots can now affirm their national identity on offical forms
    Scottish people are to be officially recognised as a distinct ethnic group under new guidelines for monitoring racial and ethnic equality.

    The Scots, the English and the Welsh, will now be able to affirm their national identity on official forms.

    Census forms and job applications have until now only allowed groupings like Asians, Chinese and Africans to specify their ethnicity.

    The move should result in closer monitoring of how Scots are treated.

    It is also expected to make job hunting fairer enabling greater racial equality in the workplace.

    A new manual on Britain’s ethnic, religious and national groups has been released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

    The guidance recognises growing national identities, particularly for Scotland and Wales with devolution……………………..

    I know I have said this before but it is worth saying again Andy, you are totally bonkers.

    Regards to all in your ward.


  22. Liz:

    I rarely post on the Scotsman these days, and only ever as “AM2”.


    TWH Crosland was at least arguably “anti-Scottish”, whereas I am solidly “pro-Scotland” but opposed to Scottish nationalism. Would I be right in thinking that you have some difficulty in accepting that distinction?

    Andrew BOD:

    G-S made what I thought to be a rather peculiar self-effacing remark about his own Scottishness, which, as you said, I then challenged and he explained.

    I don’t recall DS saying anything similar, although I do recall you getting somewhat hot under the collar when he noted that Scotland is a European parliamentary region. I’m not sure quite how that fits in with this thread, however.

    Hen Broon:

    I’ll ignore most of your drivel.

    But for what it’s worth, and as I’ve said before, while I was born in Ireland and have family from various places, I identify primarily with Scotland and have for some time considered myself to be Scottish. That you should invest my birthplace with some imagined significance says more about your attitudes than anything else.

    Now, while you have partially defended your “distinct ethnic” comment (if not the contexts in which it and similar statements were made) perhaps you could now explain why think that “Britain is a fascist concept”, England is “an inward thinking, selfish nation”, Northern Ireland embodies “fascism and racist bigotry”, that being opposed to nationalism constitutes “inciting racist hatred” against Scots and why you said to me: “you are an unwelcome guest in my nation”, “if I could I would deport you” and “the vision of you swinging on a rope would be up there beside Saddam”.


    I’m not sure that I should have replied here. Clearly it doesn’t raise the tone again. But having written this I’ll hit “submit” anyway. Your blog; your call.

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