The ubiquitous Mr Prescott

HAS John Prescott’s career taken something of an upswing recently?

He seems to be more prominent these days than he was when he was DPM. Check out this screenshot from BBC Politics site this afternoon – three stories about Prezza, each one illustated with an accompanying pic. How does he do it?



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5 responses to “The ubiquitous Mr Prescott

  1. John

    He’s Labour’s oddball. and as such the press love following him around. Every party needs an oddball. It’s almost like a mascot?

    Labour = John Prescott
    Tories = Boris Johnson
    Lib Dems = Lembit Opik

  2. richard

    Two of the stories were about the BBC so it’s hardly surprising they got prominence.

    I was more interested in their choice to put Osborne in the top slot and Gordon explaining why he thinks that it’s a good idea to spend all our money into number two…

  3. “How does he do it?” Like only Prezza can – with two fingers up to the world.

  4. Johnny Norfolk

    I cannot stand the man. He has as much charm as a half brick. His transport decisions when Labour came to office were a dissgrace.

  5. As transport shadow he was probably the most effective in my 30 odd years experience and even ‘persuaded’ the Tories to allow £150 million of private investment in British Rail.

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