21st century marketing strategies

SPOTTED in a baker’s window this afternoon in Buckhaven, Fife. Classic.



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4 responses to “21st century marketing strategies

  1. Johnny Norfolk

    Its a pity you have to show this. I think its great, but the LHP ( Labour Health Police) will condem it as bad for your health.
    In showing it, it shows just how bad things have become.
    The guy that owns our local farm shop goes up to Scotland regulary fishing. He brings back those fantastic Scotch Pies. Last time he brought 50 back and sold them in the morning.
    We like to make our own minds up if we smoke, drink and what we eat. I have never known such interfearance from a government .

    Well done Tom for showing it, but beware of the knock on your door in the night, it may be the LHP wanting to question you for daring to show such an image.

  2. joe bonanno

    Sadly for the poor mite, I can see him in forty years time, living deep in the heart of the Buckfast triangle, 25 stone, on benefits, stents, insulin, 60 ryo a day, three kids in the BarL, never having been further away from home than the Miners Welfare at the bottom of his road, with zero chance of reaching his three score years and ten, and always wont to saying ‘A’m Labour me threw an threw – fur thie always look efter the wurkin man’.

    Let’s pray for quote unquote independence shall we.

  3. davidc

    it is being proposed that all school children be ‘locked in’ at lunchtime to prevent them going to the local takeaway and pressure be brought to bear on local councils to restrict (or even prevent)the siting of takeaways anywhere near a school.

    for shame tom for showing such a disgusting picture, almost pornographic in nature, and you may well expect the LHP in the shape of ed balls to come knocking at your door at night ‘for you tom ze blogging is over’

  4. David Walsh

    Nice. And does Billy the Fish still star in Viz, with his replica of St James Park plastered with ads telling us to ‘smoke tabs’ and ‘gurgle beer’ ?

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