Not seeing the wood for the trees

I’VE NO wish to jump on any bandwagon as far as Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand are concerned. But I just watched Tim Daley, BBC’s head of music, being interviewed it on Sky. And he actually said: “We shouldn’t apportion blame until there’s been a full investigation…”

A full investigation? Really?

I think I can save you some time, Tim – it was Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand wot done it.

There. Anything else you need sorting?


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18 responses to “Not seeing the wood for the trees

  1. Will S

    That’s the problem isn’t it? Constant reviews and incestigations, but I betcha no action will be taken to get rid of either of those two morons. Or to curb their grossly overinflated paycheques.

  2. The test for me is if it’s funny, it’s allowed. Nothing off limits. But Brand and Ross just weren’t funny. Not in the slightest.

  3. And exactly how long does the BBC need for a full investigation of a programme they should have know about before it went on air?
    Answer: No longer than it takes to replay the recording of the programme.

  4. James

    The pair of them should be sacked.

  5. richard

    My best wishes go out to the poor muppet junior producer who’ll be the one who gets selected as the sacrifical lamb.

    My guess is that he or she earns about 1/100th of what Ross + Brand earn and I bet they won’t see a penny from either of these comedians for taking the fall for them…

  6. Im not missing something and it was just purile, sub teenage sniggering at stuff which ceased to be funny after 13. Oh, it was. Thats Ok then.

    To be fair, Ross can be a funny witty person, most of this shows are funny, and at times interesting. His interviews with Parky and (on Saturday) with Grace Jones and Tony Curtis were great. I am a tad dissapointed with Ross.

    Brand, on the other hand, is the most overrated waste of space, and deserves every bit of the media monstering that he is getting.

  7. Johnny Norfolk

    This latest episode tells you all you need to know about the BBC.
    Ross and Brand are out of control just like the BBC.

    To think we are paying for people like this is just sickening to me.

    They have at the very least committed an act of gross misconduct. In any other business they would have been sacked.

  8. Nigel Harris

    I’m the first to concede that comedians need to push the boundaries – but the boundaries to be challenged are those of humour and maybe taste. But what these two did was not funny, or witty or clever… was ugly, schoolboy cruelty of the worst kind. “Maybe he’ll kill himself” they said …….and the humour is…….where? Max Miller pushed the boundaries of humour/taste in the 1930s. So did Lenny Bruce a few decades later. But these two did nothing of the kind. They lost the plot and should now lose their jobs. Sadly, so should the editor who let this horrific broadcast through. That’s what he or she is there to do: edit. And he/she didn’t.

  9. John

    I can’t believe the salary that Jonathan Ross is paid. That guy is seriously overrated!

    As for the whole debacle, I think it’s an outrage, and the BBC, an organisation funded by the viewers of this country, should dismiss both immediately.

    Although if i’m honest, I wanted both out of the public eye even before this happened.

  10. Brad, what about consent? Would Jackass be funny if it were done on unwilling members of the public?

  11. 10,000 plus BBC licence payers can’t be wrong! “Sack the Sachs Two” they say. It’s the right thing to do. It’s the responsible thing to do.

    A wonderful irony occurred yesterday at 3.45pm when BBC Radio 4 broadcast a programme about Andrew Sachs in conversation about his favourite place to go when he wants to get away from the world. That place was London Zoo which he visited as young boy after being forced to flee Nazi Germany in 1938. He came across as a very compassionate man who is very grateful for his life opportunities.

    I wonder if Brand and Ross have the same perspective on their own lives?

  12. joe bonanno

    ‘We are holding an enquiry to enable us to ascertain the full facts of the matter and by the time it has been completed you will have forgotten all about it so we can do nothing’.

    Can anyone think of a recent Prime Minister for whom this was a very regular tactic?

    I can.

    and ps does Captain Snot really, really have nothing better to do than jump on this populist bandwagon?

    I know Cameron has jumped on it as well but then he’s not (supposed to be) running the country while CS is.

  13. richard

    I think this is merely a convenient diversion when looking at the bigger picture of how the BBC operates.

    They seems suicidally hell-bent on annoying the Conservatives (Osborne-gate, etc) at a time when anyone with half an ounce of sense would assume that they would be trying their damndest to ensure that they’re seen as as impartial rather than continually muck-raking against the party most likely to form the next government.

  14. Gregg

    Ye gods this has been blown out of proportion. Sachs must know what his grand-daughter gets up to – and if he’s seen the web site promoting her “dance group”, I find it hard to believe anything Brand and Ross could have said would have shocked or upset him.

  15. This whole thing is getting ridiculous!!!

    Now the grandaughter is now enjoying the tabloid publicity……..silver linings eh?

    Also, have people nothing better to do with their time than to call and complain about something they would never have listened to anyway?

    All a bit burn the witch methinks. Hysteria. Next, the green ink and god botherers will be calling for some good old fashioned censorship.

    Benjamin; Jackass i don’t find funny, but I have no objection to others watching it. If people don’t like something, turn over. If people have satellite or cable for example, they have plenty choice of radio and tv channels.

    Personally, I do not find taking the proverbial out of unwitting people funny. But I am vehemently for freedom of speech, even for imbeciles. The nature of this freedom is that idiots may talk unfunny nonsense. But, they have a right to do so and those they hurt have a right to ask for an apology. For example, you can insult me as much you want, and that is your right. I can ask for an apology and the mark of a human being is being able to apologise.

    What Brand and (mainly) Ross did was tasteless, inappropriate and unfunny. It is that simple. Once the pair have made peace with their “victims”, i think everyone should move on. It is farcical, the way this swirls on and on.

    Anyone remember the quote from the lorry driver who kicked his tv in when he saw the Sex Pistols on the Grundy show in 1977? Much of a muchness.

    Let’s move onto some genuinely important issues. It’s the economy, stupid.

  16. Madasafish

    If Gregg thinks it has been blown out of all proportion, leaving abusive messages on an answerphone is called “harassment” and is a criminal act.

    If Richard thinks the BBC have common sense, :-)) nice joke..

    As the Bland/Woss episode shows, they are a bunch of ########s

  17. I think the most interesting aspect of this, is that it wasn’t censored before it went out. When a media outlet want to get rid of someone, this is one of the ways that they do it; they let something through that they would normally censor and then let the public hang them. I think someone has it in for Russell Brand myself; not that I like him particularly, but I think that’s what has happened.

  18. Gregg

    If Gregg thinks it has been blown out of all proportion,

    I do, it has.

    leaving abusive messages on an answerphone is called “harassment” and is a criminal act.

    If so, why aren’t the Police investigating? Or are they waiting until they’ve wrapped up their case against Channel 4’s ‘Fonejacker’?

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