Cold campaigning

SORRY for the noticeable easing up in postings recently – I’m spending an inordinate amount of time driving between Glasgow and Glenrothes at the moment.

Last time I fought a November by-election, it was Kincardine & Deeside in 1991, and although I remember Stonehaven being cold… bloody hell, I don’t remember it being this cold.

Just as well I have my ex-Soviet Union patrolman’s bunnet with me. Not dignified but very cosy (pic to follow, maybe).

PICTURE UPDATE (as promised) at 7.45 pm:

Dignity was Tom's watchword during campaigns...


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15 responses to “Cold campaigning

  1. richard

    The betting still seems to be heavily in favour of the SNP.

    Is there any doorstep insight into whether the “Scotland probably would have collapsed financially had it not been part of the Union” line is going down at all well?

  2. It’s also freezing down here in the Scottish Riviera (seems to be colder inside the house than out). The dogs were cold when I got up, so I’d better think of getting them a bit of warmth.

    Anyone know of a small, safe, cheap-to-run, British-made radiator?

    P.S. Tom – I hope you freeze your butt off in vain. Seriously though, wrap up warm. Nobody likes being cold. Yesterday I was thinking about the pensioners freezing in their homes.

    I know they get X-amount extra in Winter, but people are dying of the cold at least dozens of times a day.


  3. ANON

    Hmmm, an Soviet Union hat in a seat once held by the Communist Party.

    A good strategy, Tom.

    Thinking outside the box.

    Like it ma man, as we say here in Glasgow.

  4. Hope you don’t get the proverbial cold shoulder from ye voters…

    PS shock horror – it was quite cold in London and the Home Counties last night, meeja in hyper-drive as a result…

  5. John

    I had to look it up and dictionary defines a BUNNET as a flat cap often associated with the working class in Northern UK.
    Obviously the right headgear then.

  6. I guess just cold is better than wind, rain and cold.

    Have fun. Do they let you meet any real voters?:-)

  7. John

    Nothing wrong with that headgear in the cold weather.

    What’s your opening line when you greet a voter btw? “Hi, we screwed the economy, please let us try and fix it, even though our solution of more borrowing will just screw things up more”

    Sorry couldn’t resist! 😛

    Seriously though, please do something to oust Gordon 😦

    There must be someone capable of leadership in the Labour party who doesn’t believe that excessive borrowing will not screw up the public finances surely? 😦

  8. Nigel Harris

    What a hat! Such sartorial elegance….infinitely funnier than the ‘damn tie.’ Maybe you could wear this titfer in the House and deadpan a really serious question. Then again….

    Looking at the picture, somehow the words ‘Deputy’ and ‘Dawg’ sprang to mind.

    (I thought this thread was getting altogether too serious).

  9. Johnny Norfolk

    You should have given a warning before you posted this photo as it is not fit to be seen by the elderly or people with a nervious disposition.
    Still you can get a good hot pie.

  10. Paul

    What’s the reaction been like on the doorstep, Tom? We’re not getting much idea of what is going on down here…

  11. John

    Are you sure you were only canvassing and not commentating on Channel 4 racing Mr McCririck?

  12. davidc

    if you want to get ahead get a hat !!!

    perhaps if iain dale got one like yours his electoral fortunes would change – or perhaps not

  13. Jim Baxter

    That’s what I call liberal application of the term ‘bunnet’. I’d suggest, Tom, that some of your colleagues should get hats just like it. Then we can fairly refer to them as a right bunch of ushankas.

  14. Love the Politburo Chic.

    Not impressed with your leaflet this weekend. Huge crimes against literature committed – crappily produced on a riso, terrible production quality, awful photos and not much else to say for it.

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