After the grieving, Who’s next?

DAVID Tennant is to hang up his sonic screwdriver after he films the next five hour-long specials of Doctor Who for the BBC.

This is a tragedy of pan-galactic proportions; he’s been absolutely brilliant in the part.

destined for Tardis-dom?

Simon Pegg

And now the search begins for a replacement. Who should it be? Any ideas? My preferred candidate would be Simon Pegg, who’s proved he is a top comic actor as well as able to carry off straight roles.

A list of other contenders might include James McAvoy and Anthony Head (who did actually apply for the part when the 1996 TV movie was being cast).

All suggestions welcome (and I’m really hoping there are some brilliant comedians out there who will suggest the prime minister on the basis that “he’s from a different planet”, etc. Comedy genius).

But if you can avoid such predictable nonsense, please let me have your suggestions.



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18 responses to “After the grieving, Who’s next?

  1. APD

    I remember on another forum writing down many examples – and now when speculation should really begin, I’ve forgotten them all!

    Chiwetel Ejiofor, Richard Armitage, David Morrissey – all these would be welcome.

    I’d be interested to see Simon Pegg in the role, although if you cast him, you are removing one of today’s best British comedy writers from the scene.

  2. No Longer Anonymous

    James McAvoy would be fantastic..

  3. I’m nominating you Tom on the basis that you have two hearts – one that beats for Scotland and one that beats for the Labour Party.

    Oh, and I’m sure you have a sonic screw driver too? And you’ll use it do the right thing, in a responsible way……

  4. John

    I thought you were in favour of a female Dr when this question arose a few months ago.

  5. Absolutely not! More to come on that one…

  6. Indy

    I hear Russell Brand is looking for a job.

  7. John

    Well, we have had a very old doctor, an old doctor, middlish aged doctor, and young doctors.
    How about a teenage (or younger) doctor.
    What’s Daniel Radcliffe upto these days when he’s not stripping off?

  8. Scott Redding

    It won’t be Pegg, Simm or Morrissey, as they’ve all acted in the “new” series already (Morrissey is in the Xmas special this year).

    Robert Carlyle? Rhys Ifans?

  9. Ah, but as I’ve pointed out before, that didn’t stop Colin Baker, who appeared in the programme just a year before taking over the title role. Rhys Ifans is an inspired suggestion though.

  10. Scott Redding

    Paddy Power is taking bets. Aiden Gillen and Paul Bettany are interesting inclusions.

  11. Gadgetvicar

    Cillian Murphy or Kevin McKidd?

  12. Chris' Wills

    Just a quick note to say that I agree with you that Your Dear Leader would make an awful Dr Who.

    Dr Who must appear intelligent, thoughtful, caring as well as having charisma.

    Hopefully not someone famous, the role should be important not the player. So an unknown male actor without a strong accent.

  13. APD

    I’ve realised who is my favourite contender.

    Jack Davenport.

  14. Martin Cullip

    ‘My’ Doctor was Jon Pertwee so his son gets my vote. The BBC have pointed him out as a candidate here

    My other half is in mourning as she says Tennant has the phwoarr factor (whatever that is).

    As an older citizen, I’d like to see a return to the contemplative Doctor rather than the Ritalin-induced frenzy of Ecclestone & Tennant, but the kids wouldn’t like it so how about Paul Merton for a laugh. 😉

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