WHAT the hell is going on over at The X-Factor? (We only got round to watching it tonight.)

Austin out? Apart from the humiliation of being completely wrong in my earlier prediction, it’s simply the wrong decision. And how did young Owen get through again? He’s a nice bloke but can’t actually sing.

Austin? Really?

I’m finally beginning to lose my faith in democracy.



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16 responses to “Gutted

  1. Eric

    I lost my faith in democracy after reading your comments in the 1984 debate.

  2. At least you know what the rest of us feel like now.

  3. Connecting with the voters again?

    How does the Soma taste? Good?

  4. King John

    Eoghan! His name is Eoghan! Can’t anyone in England spell any Irish names? It’s not as if it isn’t highlighted in giant letters on every show!

  5. pr roger j clementine iii cbe

    You’re really setting yourself up for the following types of headlines, Tam:

    “Failed Labour minister says ‘Dictatorship is best’ “

  6. Lady Moans

    Please believe me, this X factor is NOT important.

  7. Michael

    So now you understand how you came to be voted into power.

  8. joe bonanno

    Off topic but re the Devil’s Kitchen comment – a somewhat tedious blog I visited a whole twice. I remember when the blogger was stuck for something interesting or witty to say (a thrice-daily event) he would type up an ‘hilarious’ and ‘cutting-edge’ string of swear words. I see he (she?) hasn’t changed any

    As they say in the Glasgow halls – ‘there’s nuthin’ wurss than a heckler wi’ nae pa’er.’

    And, truly, there isn’t.

  9. Paul

    Tom: I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again – Eoghan is going to win!

  10. Tacitus

    In a free society, the rights and laws protect the individual from the government.

    In a dictatorship, the rights and laws protect the government from the people.

    The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws. – Tacitus

  11. Yeah, but who do you think will win – Laura or Diana?

  12. Jordan

    I see you’ve got your priorities back in line after the 1984 debate. It didn’t take long, did it? Roll on Nov 5th, and let’s see if any of your colleagues can offer anything more constructive.

  13. Bubba

    Enough about Eggnog, what about Daniel? There must be lots of middle aged woman who think he is sweet or something, how does he keep getting through? He’s OK, as a Cruise entertainer, but come on … he ain’t going to sell many CDs is he? I expect Des O’Connor would sell more!

  14. You’re right, Joe. I left a comment on his blog last night to say that after the Brand/Ross debacle, swearing is just so passé.

    One reason I come to this blog is that you can read intelligent comments without having to squirm through a mire of effs and cees.

  15. It’s not real democracy, the X Factor, though, is it? I mean, you can vote as many times as you want – I was probably responsible for Leon winning last year as I was captivated by the thought of a wee boy from down the road taking the ultimate prize when all the others had careers anyway.

    What’s really scary is that Simon Cowell is apparently wanting to break into politics. Can you just imagine it? He could be the British Silvio Berlusconi – a complete nightmare. He’s into making money not encouraging people power.

    I thought Diana was fabulous on Saturday night and if she carries on like that she’ll win.

    Daniel was appalling and should be put out of his misery now.

    I wasn’t impressed with Rachel’s attitude on the Xtra Factor, but I did understand what the judges meant about Austin. Will Young picked up on his lack of emotional connection to the lyrics immediately.

  16. Mick

    Looking at the entomology of the word X-Factor voting is democratic. Its the rule of the people. All apart from the bit at the end when the judges get to choose.

    The X-Factor, in a way, is a perfect illustration of the limitations of our form of democracy. Information other than the performance influences people’s votes, Scotland voted en-masse for Leon last year and it has no protection against the tyranny of the majority.

    It goes to show that western democracy, like all goverment structures, is deeply flawed. Sadly its unlikely that there will be any great demand to change it.

    Democracy works best when it is local to the people. The people are more able to relate to the situations then and its more likely that their voice will be heard. Local government should be the shining beacon of civilisation. This isn’t the case in the UK. Local government is inefficient and has been butchered throughout my lifetime. The accountants run the country now, not the people.

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