Sentences you don’t expect to hear #66

DURING a recent car journey with two of my constituency staff, a natural lull in the conversation developed before Malcolm, á propos of nothing, said: “I was once chased round Turriff pool by some girls who thought I was the drummer out of the Bay City Rollers.”

The silence returned.

Sometimes it’s better not to ask.



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12 responses to “Sentences you don’t expect to hear #66

  1. Tacitus

    Stupid things you don’t expect to read

    New Labour. Making us all equal by dumbing us all down. You know it makes sense.

    God help us.

  2. Yeah. Except Bournemouth is run by the Tories.

  3. Madasafish


    In my day, Turriff was famous for cows 🙂

  4. Forbes Aiken

    In my day the people of the neighbouring villages used to taunt the natives of Turriff, or Turra as we called it with the jolly little ditty:

    Inky-pinky-poo, yer nose is blue
    Yer awfy like the Turra Coo

  5. Will S

    Tom, Bournemouth is one of several councils reputed to have this policy. However the council denied it was their policy. Where does this leave us, and who are the other councils run by? (I’d really like to know this)

  6. “the council denied it was their policy. Where does this leave us,”

    I think this is perhaps another trick question: it leaves us with a newspaper story that may not be true and an audience only too quick to believe the worst. All together now: “It’s political correctness gone…”

  7. Rapunzel

    “……. sinister!”

  8. Tacitus

    No wonder Tom doesn’t give a monkey what we, his employers, think of us…

    The average public sector worker will be entitled to a pension worth £17,091 a year, according to data compiled by Ros Altmann, a former adviser to Tony Blair. By contrast, the average private sector pension annuity last year paid £1,086.

    The Taxpayers’ Alliance has obtained figures showing that 17,150 public sector workers have already retired with pension pots worth more than £1m each. Nearly 10,500 NHS workers; 3,680 civil servants; 815 judges; 1,800 teachers, mainly former heads; and 167 Royal Mail staff have retired on seven-figure pension funds.

    It says council taxpayers in England and Wales are each contributing an average £226 towards the pensions of local government workers.

    Last para is good. My partner owns the house we live in; she can’t afford her own pension, but apparently she can afford to fund other people’s pensions.

  9. Tacitus

    Political correctness. A language for the hard of thinking.

  10. Mo Daniels

    That was me and my seven sisters….I actually thought he was the drummer from Creme Brulee.

  11. HW

    If you must use fancy French phrases, at least try and get the diacritics right.

  12. Mo Daniels

    A thousand apologies HW. I hope you can forgive me. Bonsoir

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