Blogging hiatus

APOLOGIES if there are long delays in comment moderation today. I am once again pounding the streets of sunny Glenrothes and won’t be near a PC for a while.


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3 responses to “Blogging hiatus

  1. Nick the Greek

    It will need more than your presence to save Roy Lindsay from getting the pounding New Labour richly deserve. Glenrothes is one more nail in Labours electoral fortunes.

  2. All Greek to Me...

    Who’s Roy Lindsay and is he related to Lindsay Roy? Really, the standards of half-witted trollery aren’t that high, yet half your commenters still don’t manage to meet them!

  3. richard

    The latest poll results don’t bode terribly well for Labour in Glenrothes.

    On the bright side it’s looking quite positive for the SNP.

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