I was wrong. Phew!

WELCOME to the Oval Office, President Obama.

So, I was wrong. You can hardly blame me for being pessimistic.

As I write, a CNN analysis is concluding that in the best case scenario for McCain, he won’t be able to reach 270 electoral college votes.

Amazing. Astonishing. Quite genuinely, tonight has restored my faith in the good sense and judgment of the American people.

And consider what’s been achieved: he’ll be the first president to have gone straight from the Senate to the White House since Kennedy in 1961; he’ll also be the first northern Democrat to win the presidency since JFK. After Kerry’s defeat in 2004, received wisdom was that the Democrats could only win again with a southern candidate. That a northern senator has done it would be remarkable enough; add the fact that he’s black and you feel you need to pinch yourself.

Obama has rewritten the rules of American politics, and this is a very exciting time for the world.

Now… who wants to place a bet on how soon the Republicans will call for President Obama’s impeachment?




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14 responses to “I was wrong. Phew!

  1. Good point about the Right. If they had any sense, they would embrace him as proof of the American dream. But too many don’t seem to believe their opponents have any democratic legitimacy, and they risk becoming a narrow, angry oppositional faction.



  2. Stu

    Nice to see you’re still awake, Tom. I didn’t spot you over at Iain’s place, were you lurking? We had fun over there.

    BBC have got Obama’s presidential status off to a seriously pessimistic start, which is nice of them. They’ve been pretty pathetic all night, to be fair, considering they’ve spent more than most American networks on their coverage. I think, as the vast majority of the world seems to, that the best man won!

    Now I’m going off to catch two hours of sleep…

  3. braddogley

    I don’t blame you. We were all scared.

    I am so happy. In my lifetime, the US has endured in the worst of times and now the best of times.

    Thank you America! And it looks like Al Franken might be elected it seems. As Chris (Wallace?) said on NBC, “liberalism always wins in the end”, and the conservative era is over.

    Interesting, Fox are trying to enjoy tonight. Hahahaha….

  4. Will S

    Although I didn’t care a jot for Obama or McCain, I’m happy that at least the majority of my fellow Britons are satisfied with the new president.

  5. Bob

    I had my doubts he could do it, I have my doubts he can do it. But for now, it’s a time to celebrate the change – not the change that has come to Washington, but the change that the American people have made already, in their hearts and minds – and look forward to the future. The future is shaky, but I can put aside the British cynicism, that comes from our national attitude,my right-of-centre politics and our experience with change before, and just hope … we’ve got a couple of months, where we can just be hopeful for the future, in a couple of months reality will take hold again and Obama will be judged not on what he says he will do but what he does do … but for now, we can only hope.

    This is a ‘Things can only get better’ moment. I just hope for America & the world’s sake, it turns out better than ours did – not a political point, but a societal point; we were hopeful then, we were not a year ago and we are not now. One can but hope, in a few months & in 2012 America will still be hopeful.

  6. Mark

    Sorry to burst the bubble but Obama and the Republicrats are no more likely to do anything to change the status quo than New Labour did here in UK.
    Big business calls the tune and Obama would not be allowed to get to power unless the establishment were ok with it.

  7. Johnny Norfolk

    Do you know Tom in all the hours the BBC have been on about the election. I have never heard about any policies from Obama or McCain. Its all about personality. I have no idea what he intends to do apart from taking the U.S. to the left.
    I think the media should investigate policy far more and explain.
    Still the BBC and Labour will be happy that their man won. I just hope he does not do for the USA what Brown and Blair have done for us.

  8. How nice to be wrong (sometimes!)…

    Turns out to be 1997-like rather than 1992-ditto.

    Goodbye and good riddance to knuckle-headed neo-con thinkers with their faith in dangerous simplicities such as the absolute perfection of markets. The President-elect seems like a man who understands subtlety, complexity and sophistication; a very welcome contrast to the current incumbent.

    Roll on 20/1/9 or should that be 1/20/9?

  9. PS good luck with the campaign today, will the eve-of -poll reminders be delivered by rocket?

  10. davidc

    i know who occupies the white house is important but if the bbc is as strapped for cash as it claims why did it need over 150 staff to be flown in to report on the u.s. presidential election ?

    why did the bbc need over 400 staff to report on the olympic games ?

    the reasons advanced always include the spread and scope of bbc coverage but a more cynical view might be that at least one of the reasons could be ‘how was the trip ? the scampi was excellent’!

  11. New Labour Model Citizen #23,122,949

    Hmm. Tom, just looked at your Bio. And though the delectable Ms. Blears implies in her article (just HOW hidebound has New Labour become), that working class MPs can not by definition be “career politicians”, it would seem that she is describing you.

    What I want to know is this. Having elected you – and I was one such and have been one such for decades – to MANAGE the country, is why you seem to believe that you have a mandate to tell us how to think, and how to behave?

    New Labour’s line on muslims is odd as well. One the one hand, you must not in ANY WAY offend a muslim. On the other hand, we are told that muslims are the greatest threat to our freedom (which, as any fule kno, Mr. Blair say equates to “security”, and he wouldn’t lie, would he?).

    1. Suck up to muslims

  12. New Labour Model Citizen #23,122,949

    whoops hit send!

    2. Turn them into symbols of a global threat.

    Which way do you want it Tom? I lived in a largely muslim community for many years, found them to be robust, funny, hard-working and NOT offended by our differences.

  13. Andrew F

    Now… who wants to place a bet on how soon the Republicans will call for President Obama’s impeachment?

    You are so late to that party.

  14. ani

    “I was wrong”
    Huh! You and Johnny Norfolk.

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