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I DON’T seem to have anything to read at the moment, so I went into Waterstone’s half an hour ago and bought “Dreams From My Father” by Barack Obama. Thought it might be appropriate to read it right now.

And David Cairns just texted me: “First Austin, now Obama. Can you send me the lottery numbers you won’t be picking this week?”



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16 responses to “Reading material

  1. William Nicholson

    How about 1984? (!)

  2. I find when I have nothing to read that’s the time to read my Bible. I like Psalms 91. Have a good day.

  3. Try reading that copy of 1984

  4. Chris' Wills

    Perhaps you can read Blear’s diatribe on how terrible it is that popular blogs don’t support her and her ilk.

    She obvioully doesn’t know about your blog, you will I’m sure support everthing expelled from her orifices.

  5. the man who was tuesday

    How about rereading 1984 (since you have a copy), then thinking about the laws your party has made in the last 11 years, and then reflecting on people’s concerns rather than arrogantly dismissing them?

  6. I also recommend 1984.

    Although if you’re wanting something a little more modern and enlightening, perhaps you can use your status as MP to get the Police reports on a group of people who appear to have been illegally stopped and searched whilst taking a morning constitutional around central London.
    Since according to the rules one should not be stopped just for how one looks (say, a guy-fawkes mask), maybe you can find out why the Police decided to stop these people. Unless of course we no longer have the right to peaceful assembly, or the right to wear a mask in public without the police stopping and interrogating us.

    If you feel that is the case, democrat though I am, I feel indebted to remind you that not everyone is as pacifist as I, and that I am reminded of the 3-boxes theory of political change, whereby there are 3 boxes that the People may resort to in order to affect change; the soap-box, the ballot-box and if those fail, the ammo-box.

    Since apparently walking down the street without allowing the State to CCTV your face, or even allowing you to simply walk unmollested through our cities, that would rule out the soap-box, and given our 2-party system, if you or the Opposition fail to change your ways, it may not be long before people begin to resort to that third box in order to rid our countries of your Orwellian ways.
    I hope not. But take notice; the first rumblings are being heard now, the first few chips of stone have been seen flying.

    It may not be long before the political avalanche buries you all.

  7. “… if you’re wanting something a little more modern and enlightening, perhaps you can use your status as MP to get the Police reports on a group of people who appear to have been illegally stopped and searched whilst taking a morning constitutional around central London.”

    Actually, I’m going to stick with the Obama book. I mean, I’ve already paid for it and everything.

  8. ani

    Chris Wills. I’ve been reading about that on CiF, and allegedly (the esteemed) “Guido has disdain for political corruption and seeks to unearth scandal and hypocrisy” Hmmm?

    There may be some truth in that, though I understand he has been accused of majoring on Govt. mishaps and minoring on Tory ones. So what’s the drill?

    He puts up his daily allegation, scandal, ugly picture, name that whatsit, or whatever else amuses him that day, and then sits back and awaits the response – which is? – hundreds of foul mouthed one liners.

    Where’s the discussion?
    Where’s the brains?
    Where’s the ideas?
    Where’s the political engagement?

    At least commentators to other Tory blogs like Dale and CoffeeHouse, mostly have something to contribute other than spurting unrestrained filth.

    Do us a favour.
    If that blog was a business it’d be down a murky side street with blacked out windows and a sign on the door saying ‘relief’.
    HYS is distinguished in comparison.

  9. ani

    Math Campbell. Good gracious, you don’t think you’re being silly and slippery, and bordering on the faux outrage at all?

    You’re not talking about an ‘ordinary’ group of say office workers, or family and friends, or kids or teenagers just having an innocent ‘morning constitutional’ at all, but a set up (Guido) stunt.
    Were you in charge of the videoing?
    Not in the region of the HoC by any chance?
    Grow up.

    They should have been charged for giving freedom and civil liberties a bad name, posing and posturing about pushing their luck, and hiding their faces with silly masks, and in case it’s escaped your notice, hidden faces is one thing guaranteed to make the public feel uncomfortable and anxious. They just don’t like it.

    Did the police make them remove their masks? Hope so. I bet the faces were red with embarrassment under there.
    They looked a right bunch of twerps on the pictures I saw at Guido’s.

  10. Martin Cullip

    I’ll have what you are smoking ani, it’s obviously a lot stronger than my Belgian contraband. 😉

    Tom, I’m not going to fall for the leading comment intended to elicit calls for you to read 1984. Very good. Let us know if your latest literature is a ‘rollicking good yarn’ too please, maybe even an equal in the classic stakes perhaps?

    Just an observation though. Your last umpteen posts have been about a guy in another country. Seeing as you have a by-election coming up, could we not expect something a bit more local?

    Or is there something we should know about you and Obama? 😉

  11. mister_choos

    It wasn’t set up by Guido. OldHolbourn decided to go for a walk and invited everybody who wanted to to join him.

    Pushing their luck? How is walking around dressed up pushing your luck? Silly maybe. But it was done to prove a point. And prove it pretty well I would say.

    Making people uncomfortable? As far as I know, making somebody uncomfortable isn’t yet illegal.

  12. “They should have been charged for giving freedom and civil liberties a bad name, posing and posturing about pushing their luck…”

    These pesky hoi-polloi, honestly! Bringing the pavement into disrepute and pushing at the boundary of legal-assembly like that! The brass-neck to actually walk along a street wearing non-approved dress. They should be sent away for immediate re-education on how to live correctly in a free manner, as determined by your good self.

    “… and hiding their faces with silly masks,…”

    Ban silly! Ban it! Now!

    “…and in case it’s escaped your notice…”


    “…hidden faces is one thing guaranteed to make the public feel uncomfortable and anxious. They just don’t like it.”

    I wouldn’t say that too loud if I wuz you ducks… whether speaking on behalf of “the public” or just speaking on behalf of yourself. Because whilst for some it is a lifestyle-preference, it is also, for others, a matter of religious observation. And you’re not allowed the freedom to disapprove of that.

  13. davidc

    arresting people for daring to wear guy fawkes masks ?

    if they had been wearing all enveloping black robes with a gauze covered slit for the eyes what would our police force (sorry, service) have done then ?

    i suggest rereading 1984 and brave new world to see what life is becoming in the u.k. under nulab.

  14. Glen

    I hope the cost of this book isnt going on your expense claim. You already received a free copy of 1984.

  15. C Jones

    Ani, who died and made you God? You are the arbiter of what is allowed under the rules of protest, are you? Old Holborn decided to go for a walk. I presume that is still allowed? He chose to wear a mask. What law does that break? The plastic plods were out in force, questioning and taking names. Is our government feeling so insecure that ten people wearing masks poses a serious threat to them? I suggest you grow up, you censorious little prig. The walkers proved their point very nicely, we are longer as free as we would like to believe.

  16. My my my, what a little hornets nest I appeared to have stirred.


    Sorry to have brought another fight to your blog, Tom.
    But I must say, I’m rather concerned that your first comment when informed that a group of people concerned our civil-liberties are being shorn are searched and possibly arrested in Central London merely for dressing “silly” is “I think I’ll read another book”.

    I realise the light-heartedness of this blog, but Good Gods man. You’re an MP! It is your job, nae duty to look out for oppression, to speak for those who cannot!

    You talk about Obama bringing hope, and change. Yet your words are drowned out by your actions as a party that speak far louder that you stand for the very opposite. You stand for detaining people without trial! You stand for removing the right of free speech. You stand for arresting people for daring to gather near your offices! You stand for sending people to prison for refusing to incriminate themselves. You stand for spying on people without court orders. You stand for asking everyone in the country to obtain an ID card with ALL their details on it, and asking them to trust you to keep them safe despite your Government’s appalling track-record on data-protection.
    How do I know you stand for all these things? Because you have done them all!

    You stand for a totalitarian government teetering on the edge of fascism. What will happen the next time some “security incident” occurs? What “emergency powers” will you grant yourselves then? Perhaps the suspending of election until after things “quieten down”. Perhaps the ability to put troops on the streets and declare martial law without recourse to Parliament (oh, wait, you already have!)…

    Your flippant reply belies how little you and your ilk care for civil liberties, and is a sickening indictment of your Party’s attitude towards their masters, the People. We are not your ’employers’. We are your masters. You only get a salary because the majority of members are no longer landed gentry with the means to support themselves without resort to the Crown.
    I had hoped that my first comment would have elicited a response along the lines of “OOh, you’re right that is worrying, I’ll look into this!”.
    I’d expected a pithy and trite rebuttal that all is fine, remain calm.
    I was dismayed with “Actually, I’m going to stick with the Obama book.”.
    The People deserve better. I dare you to respond, sir.

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