Rejoice. Just rejoice.



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3 responses to “Rejoice. Just rejoice.

  1. John

    We will.

    When Gordon calls a General Election.

  2. Rejoice? At the fact that Americans deserve better than the usual petty left/right tussle that only offers the illusion of ‘democracy’, but will ensure further dismantling of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    Could Obama/Biden actually be even more dangerous than Bush/Cheney?

    George W. had 9/11 in his first year as President and Obama will have a major international crisis within six months according to Joe Biden, who has GUARANTEED that a major event will be GENERATED.

  3. Chris' Wills

    So the citizens of the USA have elected a future president for their country.

    Hip hip hoorah.

    Why rejoice, unless you buy into the claim that he is a messiah.

    Better, possibly, than McCain. We’ll see what he does when in power then perhaps applaud if he does anything of benefit to non-USAians; not sure why he should as he is elected for their benefit not ours.

    Rejoicing will commence when NuLiebor are out of office and their draconian laws are repealed.

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