Sorry, Dave, but you’re no Obama

STILL on US politics, who could forget the only good part of the 1988 presidential election when the Democratic vice-presidential candidate, Senator Lloyd Bentsen, slapped down wee Dan Quayle for trying to compare himself with JFK.

Now it looks like David Cameron’s trying to do the same with Obama. This from Conservative Home: “David Cameron: Barack Obama is the first of a new generation of leaders who will deliver change”.

Oh dearie me. You are many things, Dave, but you’re no Barack Obama (thank godness).



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9 responses to “Sorry, Dave, but you’re no Obama

  1. William Nicholson

    I guess the Obama-Cameron partnership would me much more dynamic than the Blair-Bush “partnership”. The difference between Brown and Obama in the charisma stakes rather inhibits the possibility of anything inspiring. Obama is “new” and Europe certainly must find someone who can equal the “new”ness. It is certainly not to be found in the likes of Brown, Sarkozy, Berlusconi, etc.

  2. Jane Spencer

    Hmmm, yes, remind me how that worked out for Sen. Bentsen again…

  3. Madasafish

    Well I’m glad David Cameron (I assume that’s who you mean) is no Obama.

    For obvious reasons:
    Obama is a novice.


  4. Call me Dave’s no flunking cyst, either.

  5. AngryVoter

    And Brown is Tom?
    I honestly dunno who will win at the next election, but the opinion polls [which these days seem to be unnervingly accurate] still show the Tories winning in 2009/2010, so maybe he is. Maybe he isn’t.

    He is right about one thing though, the world does need change.

  6. John

    I agree, Cameron is no Obama. In fact, no leader currently in post, or even waiting in the wings is.

    It’s clear the world is waiting for me, but at just 25, you’ll all have to wait a while yet 😉

  7. Johnny Norfolk

    In advance of Glenrothes.


  8. New Labour Model Citizen #23,122,949

    Then let us hope that Obama is not another Blair, a man who once power went to his head, destroyed the dreams of many who had thought they had voted in a new dawn.

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