Animated canvassing

A FEMALE comrade who travelled a great distance to help Labour’s effort in the Glenrothes by-election was asked to chap at the door of a family by the name of Simpson.

homer-simpsonThe Christian names of the household members were also given to her. When the door was answered she duly asked to speak to Marge, Bart and Lisa, and was met with a blank stare. Fortunately, she realised she had been had before she asked to speak to “Homer”.

When she told me of the incident, I was reminded of a new recruit to Cathcart Labour Party back in the ’80s who, the very first time he went out canvassing, was deliberately¬†sent to the door of one “Mrs Taylor”. When asked if she was a Labour supporter, the formidable elderly lady asked, in a tone of great indignation: “Do you know who I am?” Then, without waiting for a response from the flustered comrade, revealed: “I’m Teddy’s mother!”

“Teddy”, of course, was none other than Teddy Taylor, Cathcart’s Tory MP until 1979, when he unexpectedly lost to Labour, depriving the new prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, of her Scottish Secretary.



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8 responses to “Animated canvassing

  1. William Nicholson

    Funny. Sounds like the sort of mistake Sarah Palin might have made!

  2. Patchouli

    It is politically incorrect to use the term ‘Christian’ names rather than ‘first’ names. Probably illegal, too, but I didn’t make the rules.

    Yep, I’m bored, OK?

  3. You lot are just pure evil:-)

  4. richard

    I shall save my laughing for after midnight…

  5. David Walsh

    This raisesd the opportunity for everyone to blog their best canvassing stories. Mine is the big vicious dog in the twilight that turned out to be a rocking horse….. more if anyone’s bothered

  6. Chicken counter

    Anything you feel like saying this morning Richard?

  7. jay

    I remember Teddy Taylor gently refusing a proposal by my mother to make a gift to a charity of his choice in thanks for his helpfulness.

    Ah, innocent days.

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