Oh me of little faith

I ADMIT I never saw that coming.



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6 responses to “Oh me of little faith

  1. Well done, an excellent mid-term by-election result.

    Those hysterical inhabitants of the political blogosphere who are convinced that the BBC is inhabited solely by pro-Labour pinkos might care to note how much less discussion this result is attracting than the last by-election one did and that much of it seems to be focussed on the decline of the SNP. Oh how they love a negative line!

    Speaking of negative lines, did the Tories and/or LibDems manage to keep their deposits? I can’t do sums this early (!) in the morning…

  2. Rapunzel

    So, that’s the Tories and the SNP rattled now.
    Better hang onto your hat! You may need it again to bring some more favourable results.

  3. Johnny Norfolk

    Well it will have cheered the BBC up no end. with this and their man in the USA. I see the BBC kept to its news bkackout on Glenrothes, but I have no doubt it will now make up for it. I suppose its a wake up call for the Scotts and full independence.

    We are stronger together and I support the union, but not when one area is favoured more than another, and you must address that.

    Some of my best friends are Scotts.

  4. Paul

    It was the hat that won it!

  5. Sorry to pour cold water over everything, but I suspect that it was a vote against the SNP, rather than an endorsement of the Labour party. I suspect that this will be the same reason that the Conservative party will win the next general election.

  6. jay

    All the commentators I’ve heard have put it down to Alex Salmond’s over-confidence and Brown’s status as the ‘local boy’.

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