The Language of the New Scotland

NOT for the first time, I’m hat-tipping Scottish Unionist for his continuing campaign to expose the deranged raving of SNP supporters on newspaper (mainly The Herald and The Scotsman) threads. Check out these nuggets and remember: these are the people who feel empowered every time the SNP win any election.



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5 responses to “The Language of the New Scotland

  1. William Nicholson

    Great Nuggets. Everyone’s saying the same in England too: How can the electorate be so daft, and, Aren’t people of Fife hairy? The nugget which explains why Brown is disliked by both the Scots and the Engs is amusing. Didn’t the SNP shoot themselves in all their three feet over that Aberdeenshire – Trump – Golf – Corruptmewasboughtbythesightofsomuchmoney affair?

  2. Johnny Norfolk

    From todays Eastern Daily Press.

    Good to see such warm relations between Scotland and my home county of Norfolk
    My favorite is Mc Sweens

    An international spat over where haggis can be made could blow up between Norfolk and Scotland.

    A Scottish Euro-MP jumped to the defence of her nation’s haggis producers after the EDP revealed a Norfolk butcher was exporting it north of the border.

    But while one Scottish newspaper reported Catherine Stihler MEP as calling the move “an assault on the great chieftain o’ the puddin’ race”, she told the EDP she didn’t have a problem with a Norfolk butcher making haggis.

    “It should just be properly labelled,” she said. “If it is coming from Norfolk, it should be labelled as such. People think it’s a Scottish product and if it is not made in Scotland, people need to know so they know what they are buying.”

    James Rutland, of family-run M&M Rutland butchers, said all their haggis was labelled as being prod-uced in Melton Constable, Norfolk.

    But if some campaigners had their way, even this would not be allowed.

    A Save Our Haggis campaign was launched in January to protect the product under EU legislation.

    This would be similar to protection recently given to Melton Mowbray pork pies. The European Commission decided to grant them Protected Geographical Indicator status, which means only pork pies made in the traditional manner and in and around Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire will be allowed to use the town’s name.

    Mrs Stihler said: “A geographic indicator is maybe one route we should go down for haggis, but at this time there should just be clarity on the label.”

    She added that having holidayed in Norfolk as a youngster, mostly on the Broads, she was a great fan of the county and had nothing against Norfolk or M&M Rutland butchers, which sparked the furore with their exports to Scotland, even serving the Black Watch regiment.

    Scotsman Ian Gibson, MP for Norwich North, had a more tongue-in-cheek response to Norfolk’s haggis producers, playing on the myth that haggis roam the Highlands.

    “I’ve been brought up on Scottish haggis all my life and I still insist on having the Scottish variety of the animal,” he said. “The three-legged variety is much better than the two- legged variety from England.

    “But I have no objection to them trying to make it.”

  3. I have been reading the comments on the Herald.
    Reminds me of the comments found on USA Blogs.
    Wild rabid attacks on each other.. yet over there its because they all want to be on the right while all of Scotland wants to be on the left.
    It was a good win

    But how will you get all those postal votes in future once you announce the closeure of the Post Offices? Monday i believe the POCA2 “tendering decision” is due for announcement isn’t it?

  4. richard

    I’m still staggered that Labour held the seat.

  5. Chris' Wills

    Now you know I have no truck with anti-Unionist sentiment; however if some people feel empowered isn’t that a good thing?

    Would you limit a feeling of empowerement only to those who agree with you?

    I realise that you don’t actually want anyone, apart from those who agree with you and your dear leader, to actually be empowered.

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