I’m Tom Harris and I don’t approve this message

REMEMBER that clip of the movie Downfall, which has been re-subtitled dozens of times to make it relevant to more recent events, including Labour’s loss of the Glasgow East by-election? Well, inevitably someone with far too much time on their hands has produced a version to reflect the result of Glenrothes. I don’t advise watching it; it’s coarse and foul-mouthed, not to mention disrespectful of a number of members of the SNP government. 

You can refuse to watch it by not clicking here.


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9 responses to “I’m Tom Harris and I don’t approve this message

  1. Nick the Greek

    Nice one Dolly, I liked the chicken korma joke.

  2. I see we can also refuse to comment on the video as comments are not enabled.

  3. Excellent! I liked the line about having to have someone who can go on Newsnight.

  4. Utterly disgraceful, dispresectful and not, of course, in any way funny. Why do my sides hurt and what’s the wet stuff streaming down my cheeks?:-)

  5. Alas, actually speaking German makes this particular internet meme go over my head. Maybe there’s a version of Der Untergang dubbed into Japanese?

  6. wasnt funny when it was done for glasgow east – still isnt funny for glenrothes.

    natwatch like most unionists cannot come up with anything remotely original. And in typical fashion he disables comments.

  7. wrinkled weasel

    I haven’t laughed like that all week, and I am an SNP voter. I could barely see it through the tears. Totally brilliant and funnier than some of the others. I particularly like the reference to Darling Nicola as “Jimmie Krankie” – a bit too close to reality for me.

    (Of course, I am totally shocked that a serious politician can place a link to the kind of nihilistic propaganda which undermines democracy and causes people to be cynical about elections.)

  8. I expect you will not approve of this either:


    I understand it was filmed at SNP conference in Perth.

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