The case for electoral reform

x_factor_logo11LAST week it was Austin, and now Laura has left The X-Factor. No doubt Diana – absent from this week’s live show because of an attack of laryngitis – will be voted off next week, making sure that the top three talents of the whole competition will be missing from the final stages.

I had such high hopes for this season, too. Now, unless Diana wins, we’ll have an average so-so winner like Owen or Alexandra. 

And how on earth did Rachel survive? She was positively flat in her murdering of “Against All Odds”. Still, no accounting for taste, I suppose. But after the last two weeks, you’ll have to go some to convince me the public knows best when it comes to The X-Factor.

And finally, a word of advice to Mariah Carey: it’s pronounced “with you”, “th” as in “thing” and “you” as in… well,, “you”. It’s not “whitchoo”; there’s no “ch” sound. Honestly…



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9 responses to “The case for electoral reform

  1. Well it shouldn’t be too difficult for them to organise their phone votes so that we can vote by STV…….

    I was never that fussed about Austin, but you really ought to learn how to spell Eoghan’s name.

    It was a bit ridiculous that Laura was voted out. I can live with John staying in Strictly, if he has, but why does Daniel stay in the X Factor – it’s crazy.

  2. Rapunzel

    Tom! John Sergeant is still dancing (not) in Strictly. Even the judges are suggesting that the great British public are insane to vote for him. But they may still do so, as he’s so charmingly hopeless! Change your allegiance and enjoy!!

  3. How come someone with such excellent taste in singing talent, have such poor taste in politics? 😉

  4. Switch allegiances to Strictly Come Dancing, Tom.

    It is far better entertainment.

  5. An absence of talent for the final vote?

    Sounds a lot like a Labour leadership contest to me.

    If only the last one of those had ended with giddy heights of an “average” winner.


  6. Glad I’m not the only political blogger who can’t resist the X Factor.

  7. Jim Baxter

    Poor Miss Carey. She can’t be expected to speak with RP. You’d be a brave man to try to correct some of your own constituents’ pronunciation, Tom. They might pit ye inra hoaspi’al.

  8. Daniel all the way

    Remember Steve from the first X factor – utterly talentless, was a joke, but still won. Bit like Gordon Brown really.

  9. Ah, and you were doing so well there, and then you went and spoiled it.

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