Time for GO to go?

GEORGE Osborne’s star is waning, according to Conservative Home’s survey of Tory Party activists:

Our latest survey of over 1,600 rank-and-file members found that 49% were satisfied with Mr Osborne but 47% were dissatisfied; a net positive rating of just 2%. That is a huge shift since last month when George Osborne enjoyed a net positive rating of +70%.

Undoubtedly some of the recent fall is short-term fallout from He-Said-She-Said-No-I-Didn’t-YahBooSucks-Gate. But there seem to be deeper, more considered reservations among the blue rinsers. He certainly hasn’t quite cut it against Alistair Darling, at a time when most commentators expected him to capitalise on the government’s perceived weaknesses.

There’s certainly no reason for Cameron to keep Osborne in the Shadow Chancellor’s role if he doesn’t want to. A move sideways to Shadow Home Secretary would allow ‘Dave’ to demote Dominic Grieve, the “accidental Shadow Home Secretary” as well as promote the far more effective Michael Gove into the Shadow Chancellor’s job.

You read it here first, folks.



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6 responses to “Time for GO to go?

  1. Will S

    If I want predictions I’ll ask anyone…but not you. Your record just isn’t good enough, sorry.

  2. Bedd Gelert

    Yes, but aren’t these things like ‘share prices’ – they do wax and wane with time ?

    Your ‘share price’ has fallen a bit recently, I see, but one has to look at these things over a longer term – not just a few months..

  3. Andrew F

    Iain Dale wrote that this post shows that you “don’t understand” the Tories. I think he’s right: an Etonian demote another Etonian?

    You’re having a proverbial giggle. :p

  4. Meanwhile Nadine Dorries who used to include on her CV how she’d been an advisor to that Saatchi Cook Woman’s dad has decided to start a family business of her own. Very enterprising in these tough times I’m sure.

    I note that the above snidey comments follow Iain Dale’s foolishly inept Daley Blogs link. Cameron is now locked into GOO. This is good news IMO for other parties, plural. Even the Libs can claw back a bit while GOO is failing to fill the Shadow Chancellor’s seat with aplomb.

  5. Can a self-selecting group of people who merely visit a website and take part in a poll really be described as being ‘representative’ of another group of people?

  6. Liam Fox for Shadow Chancellor
    You definetely heard that here first

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