Tory lead cut to six points

TOMORROW’S Times has a Populus poll putting the Tories just six points ahead of Labour. And GB’s personal ratings are at their highest since becoming prime minister.

Now, I’m not going to start claiming that Labour has the next election in the bag. But this isn’t good news for ‘Dave’, especially if this becomes a trend that is sustained. Oppositions – successful oppositions – tend to enjoy significantly greater leads at this point in any parliament.

Of course, this could be a blip, a rogue poll. The Tories’ lead – put at 13 points just yesterday, let’s not forget – could revert to double figures in the next couple of weeks. But if it doesn’t, the rumblings of discontent about Dave’s leadership will re-emerge.



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9 responses to “Tory lead cut to six points

  1. Steve

    “rumblings of discontent about Dave’s leadership ”

    Lets face it, he could turn up to the house dressed in stocking and suspenders and still be elected PM. It will never be about Cameron.

    Gordon “I will not let house prices get out of control” Brown is finished, it’s the Major days all over again.

  2. Johnny Norfolk

    Polls always favour the left, as Conservative voters are at work.
    The sooner we have an election the better.
    You will loose and then you can do what you do best ‘blame the tories’ for everything.
    Most of the media led by the BBC may believe your propaganda, but we do not.
    Do you think the election will be before or after you apply for an IMF loan to bail us out.
    Labour know how to arrange them as thats what you did last time you were in power.

    General Election — Bring it on.

  3. John

    Don’t get too excited Tom.
    This is only the electorate playing Labour at their own game hoping to give GB enough confidence to call an early GE.

  4. Yes, John, the electorate all got together in a huddle and agreed a strategy for everyone who got called by a pollster.


  5. richard

    The latest yougov poll has the Conservative with a 9 point lead.

    Other highlights include 62% disapproval for the government’s record (versus 23% in favour),

    A seven point lead for David Cameron in the “who’d be the best prime minister” ranking

    63% disapproval for Gordon Brown personally

    75% agreeing that Gordon Brown bears some or most of the responsibility for the current financial crisis

    Labour nearly twenty points ahead in the “seen as sleazy” rankings

    4 point lead for the Conservatives in the “most likely to run the economy well” rankings.

  6. C Jones

    Sorry Tom, keep telling yourself this if it helps, but I don’t know anyone who is planning to vote NuLab at the next election. You did indeed poke a sleeping dog with your post on civil liberties. I think, come the GE, you may find it is more of a sleeping giant.

  7. Chris' Wills

    Who are these 23% who are in favour of the goverments record.

    Spivs, Bankers, Ministers and other sundry con-artists I can understand but 23% is worryingly high.

    Then again, I have to keep reminding myself that Bliar got re-elected.

  8. The problem is the public knows that the economy needs a stimulus and injection of proper tax cuts. David Cameron ha painted himself into a corner, by repeating his austerity speech, “the cupboard is bare”, which implies that he is not in touch with the public. However, if Gordon Brown does another classic smoke and mirrors trick of playing around with tax bands, consumption taxes such as VAT or recounting previous tax breaks, then I suspect he will very quickly be back where he started during the summer. Gordon Brown need to understand that he is dealing with a more financially aware public.

    If he is going to borrow, he had better look at a clean, and substantial reduction in direct taxation, not a targeted approach, because most of us have had enough of his tinkering!

  9. richard

    The difference is that Brown knows that he’s going to lose and can borrow+spend like a drunken sailor in the hopes that it’ll win him a few extra seats.

    On the other hand “Call me Dave” and his merry crew are the ones who’re going to get stuck with the bill and are trying to be a bit more conservative (with a small c) with our money.

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