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LINDSAY Roy, the new MP for Glenrothes, was introduced to the House a short time ago, immediately following Prime Minister’s Questions.

Hard to say if he felt intimidated or not -the House isn’t usually that busy when new members are introduced. But he got an enthusiastic welcome from our lot, less so from the SNP for some reason.

In the run-up to polling last week I was contacted by a couple of journalists asking for a steer as to what result to expect. I told them what I thought: the SNP would take the seat, though not with the kind of majority they might have expected at the start of the campaign. In fact I was deliberately ignoring the positive response I had found on the doorstep; my pessimism was rooted entirely on the fact that we had lost Glasgow East even when we controlled the council and had retained the Scottish Parliament seat at the 2007 elections. In Glenrothes we had lost both to the nationalists.

So on polling night I deliberately avoided the results programme and went to bed early, unwilling to look at TV images of the smug faces of the nationalists at the count. It was Carolyn, next morning, who told me the result. I was stunned. Stunned and very, very happy.

So to any journalist who feels a bit peeved at my giving him misleading information, I apologise. It wasn’t spin – it was honest, common or garden west of Scotland pessimism.



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8 responses to “New member

  1. For someone who complains about how miserable the rest of us are, you’re rather pessimistic when it comes to elections.

  2. AngryVoter

    Congratulations to the new MP for Glenrothes.

    Yet no comment on Brown’s abysmal attitude at PMQ’s though…. come on Tom even you must have winced slightly at Brown’s lumpy and rather bureaucratically ridden responce to perfectly legitimate questions, followed up with what was an incredibly cheap political attack in an attempt to score points.

    I used to only dislike Brown on ideological reasons. Now I dislike him as a person too.

  3. David P

    Not sure that Brown responded cheaply.

    The subject is of course heart breaking and those involved, not just in the horrific crimes, but those whose judgment abandoned them in protecting this poor child, must face up to the consequences.

    That said, Cameron asked his question, Brown responded – perhaps not perfectly – and Cameron went back for more.

    I don’t think either man intended to use these events in a political manner but unfortunately BOTH have ended up muddied by their behaviour. Hopefully they will not become the story as that would only serve to further the tragedy of this child’s short life.

  4. richard

    I thought you were against people anonymously briefing the press?

  5. Yes, it was interesting to note that his first ever visit to the voting lobby was to vote on a Deferred Division from October!!!!. However, as a Scottish MP, it appears he did have the decency not to vote on the English Regional Select Committees

  6. The deferred division yesterday was from Monday night (November 10).

  7. The deferred division was ‘The draft Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 (Amendment) Order 2008’, which was laid before the House on 13th October.

  8. Correct: laid before the House on 13 October, with the first opportunity for the full House to vote on it arising on Monday 10 November.

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