Smiling through the tears

FOLLOWING on from my earlier post about the Post Office, I was discussing the issue tonight with Craig, one of my oldest friends as well as the funniest person I know. He said he had recently used a Post Office branch to pre-approve his passport application. But when he showed his photo to the member of staff, he was told it probably wouldn’t be accepted because he was smiling in it.

“No I’m not, it’s a neutral expression.”

“No, you’re smiling, I can see your teeth. You shouldn’t be smiling.”


“Does it help that I’m crying on the inside?”

In the event his photo was approved.


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One response to “Smiling through the tears

  1. richard

    I used to have a Zap! pager. You had to ring an operator to tell them your message and they typed it in and sent it to the pager.

    As soon as text-messaging became possible on mobile phones I ditched my pager. I don’t remember the government offering Zap! a big handout or forcing people to use them to collect their giro payments in order to bail them out.

    Progress means that old institutions become outdated and die. Plain and simple.

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