A good night for reading a book

EVERYONE loves BBC’s Children in Need, don’t they? 

No, me neither.

I only watched a bit of it tonight because I wanted to see the special preview of the Doctor Who Christmas special. Am I really the only person in the country who cringes at seeing BBC newsreaders singing and dancing? A musical Eastenders? I feel myself turning red simply typing those words.

The good causes are, of course, worthy and well worth supporting. But is humiliating celebrities and embarrassing their audiences the only way we can get people to donate to charity in this country?

I’ve always suspected that the real reason the Beeb love Children in Need is because it’s cheap to produce. Maybe I’m just jaded. But jaded or not, I know bad TV when I see it, and tonight’s snippet was bad TV.

Apart from Doctor Who, naturally, which actually looked really good.


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16 responses to “A good night for reading a book

  1. Johnny Norfolk

    I agree Tom. I have never liked it. I just give what I want and when I want to charity. The BBC could show adverts for the day that would make money without all this messing about.

  2. You mean thing, Tom. Tonight there was Strictly, then Doctor Who, Girls Aloud and Take That. What more do you want? I have the infernal wickedness of Sky which enables me to watch the BBC London version so I don’t have to watch the profoundly depresssing Scottish output.

    I now officially can’t wait until Christmas to see the rest of the Doctor Who Christmas Special. I have a real issue with the styling of the other Doctor, though. Have we not moved on?

    I am listening to Sarah Palin on last night’s Larry King Live as I type this – I’d go for CIN any day.

  3. John Smith

    Of course it’s bad TV. But when bad TV raises tens of millions for children, I can live with losing a Friday night’s worth of TV. What would be on anyway?

    Open a bottle of wine (and a second) and get in the spirit!

  4. wrinkled weasel

    I shall not be getting in the spirit either. Not having a TV helps, but I certainly do not need the BBC to mediate my charitable giving, which goes, with satisfying irony*, to http://www.vetaid.org, based in East Lothian.

    *Our chickens in East Lothian lay eggs. Proceeds go to Vetaid, who buy chickens, to lay eggs, for starving families devastated by AIDS, in Africa.

    I don’t need some £$%^ in a bear suit to tell me what to do.

  5. You must have missed QI then. That was worth watching.

  6. pr roger j clementine iii cbe

    I assume, Thomas, that you felt the same way when the Rt Hon Anthony Charles Lynton “Tony” Blair appeared last year!?

    If not, this is yet ANOTHER example of how the political class . . .or ELITE, if you will, have literally no respect for us good, honest, hardworking, law abiding, average, everyday, respectable, normal people of England!

    Yours in possible disgust
    The Prof

  7. The newsreaders performing one year was a novelty, but for so many years is lame. At least they could think up a different theme. I’d love to see Eastenders and the newsreaders swap places.

    To see Ricky reading the news in character -‘And the guy who runs the country from down the road reckons the Americans are the reason I can’t max out another credit card. Apparently there was a boom that has busted, even though Brown said there would not be either and that is not his fault either. Over to Bianca on the weather wall.



  8. AngryVoter

    You watch the X-Factor, Tom.

    You can hardly complain about “Quality Television” considering the amount of crap people they put on that.

  9. Well said that man. Practically everyone I know heads out hits the pub to avoid it.

  10. Tony Miles

    I quite enjoyed it this year – except for the increasing realisation that Wogan is too old and miserable to do this kind of thing. However maybe a politician can’t cope with it is the realisation that people are having to go through this to fund the kind of support services that should be provided by the state? The fact that children suffering from bullying, abuse at home or disabilities that are difficult to watch from the comfort of my lounge are having to rely on charity to protect them suggests something is seriously wrong with our priorities. BBC pointed out that it gets requests for over £150 million every year and can only respond to 20% of them. Chicken feed after what the Government has handed out in recent weeks? I’m not sure that a representative of the government is really in a position to criticise those who are having to step in to do its job for it.

  11. John

    I happened to watch Friday’s episode of ‘Doctors’ on BBC1 yesterday about an agoraphobic sci-fi fan.
    In response to the line ” Do you know a Dr. Who fan who isn’t gay’ I instinctively shouted out “Yes, Tom Harris”

    The others in the room responded back “WHO???”

    Unfortunately, you’re not so well known down south.

  12. Andrew Sharp

    Just an idea, but why don’t we have an announcement before each batch of dire sketchs stating that if, say £1m in pledges is received in the next few minutes then the sketches will be stopped, and something good by comparison put on for the next half hour or so.
    This could be repeated for successive groupings of gruesome garbage, thereby raising millions, stopping celebrities from embarrassing themselves, and still giving us the option to view some decent telly.

  13. I believe Heineken ran an advertising campaign along those lines that was immensely successful.

  14. jpt

    Celebrities will always be available to be humiliated if it furthers their careers.

    Children (and celebrities) benefit but the rest of us suffer!

  15. Headless

    Well said Tom.

    I loathe the whole children in need thing.

    I also agree wholeheartedly with the part of Tony Miles’ comment re Wogan – he really isn’t suited to this kind of job anymore but it’s a pity he was taken off Points of View. The rest of Tony Miles’ comments is bunkum of course – why the hell should “the state” provide for all of this crap?

    P.S. Has “The Prof” has mistakenly swallowed a thesaurus rather than his special pills? I reckon Nursey has had a day off…

  16. John

    I agree with Caron and sympathise with all other viewers north of the border – the Scottish C.I.N. was truly woeful.

    Suffer the little children…

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